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Vegas - 2016 - Issue 2 - Late Spring - Dita Von Tesse

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photography by alex Wong/getty Images (Faraday); Courtesy oF one las Vegas (pool) 120 Faraday Future's car of the present. 121 Hip new resort? Nope, it's One Las Vegas, one of the city's best- appointed new condo buildings. on the cover: Dita Von Teese Photography by Scott Nathan Cover girl Dita Von Teese is the picture of spring—and exotic beauty. If this represents the contents of her three bedroom- sized closets, count us in. 18 118 // game on At Encore Players Club, say goodbye to old-timey gaming and hello to a more social way to part with your benjamins. 120 // StreetS ahead Faraday Future unveiled its FFZERO1 at this year's consumer electronics show, sparking plenty of buzz about Nevada's car manufacturing industry. 121 // Boutique Call Competing with all the services and amenities on the Strip is tough for residential communi- ties. Their answer: Game rooms… spas…social nights…and even a "cruise director." 124 // SpaCe guide The best of Las Vegas home décor, hotels, and real estate. Living Las vegas 136 // pool queueS Each spring, Vegas's fiercest and fittest compete for coveted serving spots at the Strip's most popular pool clubs. The first step to success: Get ready to strut your stuff! contents L ATE SPRIN G 2016

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