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Vegas - 2016 - Issue 2 - Late Spring - Dita Von Tesse

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PHOTOGRAPHY BY EMILY WILSON POOL QUEUES EACH SPRING, VEGAS'S FIERCEST AND FITTEST COMPETE FOR COVETED SERVING SPOTS AT THE STRIP'S MOST POPULAR POOL CLUBS. THE FIRST STEP TO SUCCESS: GET READY TO STRUT YOUR STUFF! BY TESS EYRICH As temperatures heat up in Sin City, scores of Vegas women battle it out for seasonal spots at some of the Strip's hottest pool and beach clubs, but the hiring process actually begins in winter with pageant-style casting calls that have been known to attract "thousands of candidates," says Joe Bravo, director of nightlife and daylife at Hard Rock Hotel, home of the notorious pool party Rehab. When you consider the benefits of the job—namely hundreds of dollars in tips per shift—that number doesn't seem so unrealistic. The stakes climb even higher, though, when Bravo reveals that only 250 applicants are hired each season. We sat in on one of Rehab's open casting calls, observing the action as hundreds of bikini-clad contend- ers split into groups of 10 for photo shoots and "interviews" before a panel of six Hard Rock execu- tives. Each rapid-fire convo consisted of just four basic elements—the candidate's name, schedule, prior experience, and a quick twirl—so making an impres- sion in less than two minutes was key. "At the end of the day, personality and charisma are important, but that's not every- thing," Bravo says. "Our team members need to possess a good mix of hard work, quirkiness, and the ability to read a guest." The first two minutes are the hardest. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, 702-693-5505; . 136 VEGASMAGAZINE.COM LIVING LAS VEGAS

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