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Vegas - 2016 - Issue 2 - Late Spring - Dita Von Tesse

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Stream of Deliciousness  111 photography courtesy of the still THE STILL crafT, drafT & EaTS IN MIraGE IS BREAKING DOWN BARRIERS TO BRING A TRAIlER- full Of fuN TO THE STRIP. Anyone who grew up celebrating little league victories at Carvel with an ice cream sundae in a plastic baseball cap can appreci- ate that a big part of appealing to a sports-loving crowd is serving up some nostalgia. For Clique Hospitality, the key element in its new Still Craft, Draft & Eats–aside from its more than two dozen 50-inch televisions–was installing a full-sized, pristine Airstream to turn out game-day food for an insatiable crowd. "It was 4 in the morning, and we had to cut out some walls–and parts of the ceiling–in the Mirage to get that thing in here," says Clique partner Andy Masi. The old Revolution Lounge it replaced didn't have a kitchen, and he envisioned street tacos, sliders, and cheese fries that you could order right from the trailer. Don't expect a three-day boiled frank from this food truck, either. The chili cheese dog with crispy onions is about as long as the Airstream; addictive mini sliders are slathered with pimiento cheese; NY steak tips and fries come with roasted garlic Sriracha butter; and mini lobster rolls can be served hot or cold. More than 50 beers and some creative (and strong!) specialty cocktails keep things festive. And you'll want to celebrate the game with one of those famous sundaes. Keep the hat–just like old times. 800-374-9000; . "The old RevoluTion space The sTill Replaced didn'T have a kiTchen— so we dRove in ouR own!" —andy masi space real estate & Design

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