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Vegas - 2016 - Issue 2 - Late Spring - Dita Von Tesse

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brand: LA PRAIRIE | Skin Caviar Claims: Pure caviar extract is packed with amino acids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals and tested to profoundly improve the skin's appearance of firmness, elasticity, and tone. Formerly the caviar extract was sourced from wild sturgeon, long believed to offer the highest quality available. Now La Prairie has discovered an alternative high-quality source in the Baerli sturgeon, grown sustainably on aqua-farms. Our tester reports: "The La Prairie experience is a 10 out of 10. The first step, the Liquid Caviar Lift, goes on easily and only requires a small amount— one to two short pumps—to cover your face and neck. It's a nice light layer, preparing skin for the next step, the Luxe Cream and Eye Lift, which provides a really luxurious layer of moisture and which absorbs nicely. While these are among the priciest of products I have tried, I use far less, so they will last much longer. "After four weeks of using the products, someone in my office asked me if I had work done! My fine lines are reduced, and the overall look of my skin is great. I am going to be 50 this year and have never had any kind of fillers or Botox, so the fact is, someone noticed the positive effects of La Prairie enough to ask me if I did anything! "Finally, the Skin Caviar Foundation is exceptional. One or two small dabs gives just the right coverage to reduce redness and age spots and leave my skin looking smooth, radiant, and even-toned. It's the best I have ever used—hands down. "My husband, who now knows that I have been in a trial, says he notices a change and says I look refreshed and youthful. He said I should keep doing the routine! Those were his words, not mine." . key products Liquid Lift ($525 for 1 oz.) Luxe Eye Lift Cream ($325 for 0.68 oz.) Luxe Sheer Cream ($430 for 1.7 oz.) Skin Caviar Foundation ($215 for 1 oz.)

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