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2013 - Issue 5 - September

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ON THE TOWN FROM TOP: continued from page 94 VW: Seasons 52 is there, right? ES: Seasons 52 opens in fall. Everything is 475 calories or less. I see some lunches happening there. There's also Lao Sze Chuan, Tony Hu's new concept—authentic Chinese cuisine with a twist. There's going to be Peking duck. I love Asian cuisine in general. [Entrées are served] ES: I want my camera to take a photo. This is gorgeous. Val, you're entering your third season of Windy City Live, which debuts its new 11 AM time slot on September 2. ES: Woo-hoo! VW: Yes—there will be more celebrities, more surprises, more makeovers, fashion, health, beauty.... We give you a little bit of news, a lot of social media, a lot of heart, a lot of fun. Ryan is called "Captain Fun" around the office; I'm "Sally Sunshine." ES: Is he really? [Laughs] I love it! [To Warner] That looks amazing. VW: Have some. ES: I might. [Trying Warner's entrée] That is amazing. I knew I loved fennel. VW: You've got to try one of these shrimp. ES: This girl loves her shrimp. VW: I love it all. I'm an undercover foodie. I love exploring, and that's the thing about Windy City Live: It has exposed me to so many different restaurants. What have been your favorite stories during your time at Windy City Live? VW: When we're in our meeting pitching different ideas, the things I like to pitch are the things I like to watch on TV. I love surprises, makeovers, anything that's going to touch your heart, inform you, make you smile.... I love the segments where we help people out—when we hear a story of somebody who's down and out or in a horrible situation. For example, Eric Caine is a man who was wrongfully imprisoned for 25 years…. ES: I saw this. That was amazing. VW: We contacted him, brought him on, and tried to help him get his life back on track. We ended up taking him to the dentist; he got brand-new, fabulous teeth. He also got a job through us. Of course I love to have fun, too. I love to do the fitness shows where we get away from the desk and get people moving. And you're on Windy City Live frequently, Erica. ES: When I go on Windy City Live and Val and I are just having a conversation about fashion, it's so much fun. We want to do something where it's not your typical model. We want to show how the everyday woman might interpret the world. VW: That's a must. I'm not shaped like everybody else. Whenever you do incorporate the curvy shape, the pear shape, the apple shape, I'm like, Right on. The women who are at home watching us? They're not sticks. They want to learn something, and they want to see something attainable. We go around saying, "Is this going to be relatable?" If they're not going to be able to relate to it, we don't want any part of it. ES: [Laughs] Well, I don't have any food left on my plate! VW: And I'm almost there. The food's delicious; the ambience is fabulous. 96 Erica Strama is a fan of the original Piccolo Sogno, and is excited to have discovered Due; Val Warner begins her third season of Windy City Live this fall; the restaurant slices its own Prosciutto di Parma in-house. "The service at Piccolo Sogno Due is top-notch. When you have great service, it makes a world of difference." —VAL WARNER The service here is top-notch. When you have great service, it makes a world of difference. While you have a little bit of fall, sit out here and enjoy the patio. ES: Chicagoans do that better than anyone. We appreciate the good days; so while we have them, take advantage. Throw on a scarf, throw on a layer, and get outside. [Finishing entrée] This food is awesome. This Italian food is what I love—good vegetables, good protein... and a little Prosecco never hurt anyone. MA MICHIGANAVEMAG.COM 094-096_MA_SC_OTT_Sept_13.indd 96 8/7/13 2:37 PM

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