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2013 - Issue 5 - September

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TASTE Paradis Found MAURICE HENNESSY CELEBRATES THE CHICAGO DEBUT OF PARADIS IMPÉRIAL. BY J.P. ANDERSON M aurice Hennessy is a man of the world—as the global brand ambassador for Hennessy Cognac and a member of the eighth generation of the brand's founding family, he travels about 20 weeks each year to destinations all over the globe to share his passion for the centuries-old brand—but Chicago is a destination that's particularly close to his heart. As the company prepares for the local launch of Paradis Impérial, a blend of more than 100 of the oldest and rarest eaux-de-vie in the Hennessy cellars, bottled in a stunning decanter that includes a crystal topper and gold-plated ring (approximately $2,500), Maurice spoke exclusively with Michigan Avenue magazine about his passion for Paradis and his participation in the Primo Classico Br'Italia in Lake Forest on September 22. Why are you excited to launch Paradis Impérial in Chicago? Chicago has been big for Hennessy for a long time. I've been to the city a million times; I even found some bills in the Hennessy archives for Chicago hotels from before WWII done by my grandfather. What are your favorite things about Chicago? I love the Art Institute, which is beautiful. And the lake—it's just so lovely, and there are beautiful bars around the lake as well. And we mustn't forget the wonderful architecture. How often do you get to the city? Once a year, sometimes twice. I travel the world, so to get to a city more than once a year is a miracle, but I like coming to Chicago. You're on the host committee for Diane and Quintin Primo III's Primo Classico fundraiser. Yes. They do a great job for their community, and they very kindly asked me to help. I like that their goal is to "reconstruct families." It's really the foundation of a nation, isn't it? How is philanthropy important for Hennessy? We are an expensive product, a product of celebration, and it's normal if we can help people who aren't as fortunate as the typical Hennessy consumer. It's very important. MA 92 "Chicago has been a big market for Hennessy for a long time." —MAURICE HENNESSY MICHIGANAVEMAG.COM 092_MA_SC_News_Sept_13.indd 92 8/7/13 1:15 PM

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