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Vegas - 2016 - Issue 3 - Summer - Sush Machida

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Page 54 of 147  53 clockwise from top: Get ready to rock! The interstate-stellar Seven Magic Mountains was five years in the making; heavy equipment was used to help artist Ugo Rondinone realize his vision; the final product is as colorful as it is daring. "I'm very moved by thIs art- work. It's that unspoken element of great art—that magIcal moment." — yvonne force villareal, art production fund a joyful assault on the vista on the vista, offering a commentary on faux reality and dazzling its viewers. The seven stacks of painted boulders, each weighing around 40,000 pounds, stand 30 feet tall just off Las Vegas Boulevard (10 miles south of St. Rose Parkway), a mammoth testament to the reality of the unnatural in contemporary society. Coproduced by Reno's Nevada Museum of Art and New York's Art Production Fund, the $3.5 million project sitting on public land will be removed in two years, and all trace of it (including the parking space) will be gone. One of the totems will become part of the MGM Resorts International art collection. Aria is one of the project's major donors. But before that happens, millions will experience it, in passing or up close, some even making pilgrimages. With Seven Magic Mountains, Rondinone is paying homage to the area's land art history. In addition to Jean Dry Lake, Nevada is home to Heizer's Double Negative in Overton, where two 50-foot deep trenches, each 30-feet wide, were cut into the earth measuring 1,500 feet long. Heizer is also now four decades into his massive earthwork in Lincoln County, City, which stretches for more than a mile and is designed to last centuries. "Michael Heizer," the exhibit, runs through August 13 at MCQ Fine Art Advisory, touching on the spectrum of Nevada land art, a story in which Rondinone now takes his place. 775-329-3333; 702-366-9339; .

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