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Vegas - 2016 - Issue 3 - Summer - Sush Machida

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144 PhotograPhy courtesy of exotics racing Go, Speed RaceR! This ciTy may place a premium on adrenaline, buT racing one of The cars in The largesT exoTic supercar fleeT around The las Vegas speedway mighT jusT Trump all. By Scott DickenSheetS Adrenaline is our first and still best mood-elevating substance: It can turn a bad day around or lift a great one to new heights. Which is how we found our- selves, on an already excellent morning, flooring a bright orange Lamborghini Huracán down an asphalt straightaway adjacent to the Las Vegas Speedway, going too fast to risk a glance at the speedometer. Las Vegas can tingle your nerves in untold ways, from ziplines to rooftop roller coasters to swimming with sharks. But for a truly premium adrenaline cocktail, you want to mix the thrills with gorgeous style. That's where Exotics Racing comes in. Created in the spirit of actor Steve McQueen, an avid amateur driver, Exotics lets non-racers like us zoom our favorite high-end dream car— Ferrari, McLaren, Aston Martin —around a special track that lacks only one feature: a speed limit. The Lambo was our jam, and after a bit of classroom instruc- tion, we were in the cockpit of that 610-horsepower Italian sculpture, cackling as we flew through the curves, the engine's high-powered whine the sound of an item being checked off of our bucket list. An instructor in the passenger seat helped us max out every last mph. "Now, full throttle," he encouraged when we were overcautious. "Don't forget to breathe," he reminded us in the third lap, when he in fact almost had. As much as it's a thrill ride, this is also an education, in the techniques of race driving and, more elementally, in finding your limits. (According to the optional video, we topped out at 115. Breathe, indeed.) After five laps, our need for speed was wholly satisfied, and a good day had turned epic. We're pretty sure Steve McQueen gave us a thumbs up as we left. From $199 for 5 laps,702-405-7223; . LIVING Las VeGas

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