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Vegas - 2016 - Issue 3 - Summer - Sush Machida

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clockwise from left: Crystal cheer! Dorit Schwartz's Happiness is made of hand- carved selenite with 24-karat gold leaf, and high-polish stainless steel; Schwartz's sculpture, Tiny Dancer II, made of apophyllite, chamcha wood, and high-polish stainless steel, adorns the Encore Homestore; Schwartz at work. You might feel your blood pressure plummeting during a tour of the sculpture studio and works of Dorit Schwartz, awaiting shipment to collectors, the Encore Homestore, and the Southern Nevada Museum of Art, among other places. A circle of reclaimed mortar wood nestling a Brazilian agate geode anchors one window, a soaring piece of Indonesian rosewood cradling a chunk of quartz holds a corner. Maybe it's the crystals–such as etched symbols on wafer-thin slabs of selenite ("the stone of mental clarity," she explains). Or the wood–burled maple, acacia, rosewood—whose natural hollows suggest their ultimate form. "I'm always looking for woods that have a hollow place to accommodate the crystal," she explains. Of course, part of this experience has to do with Schwartz herself, who could convince any doubter of the energy boost they might get from the icy crystals of the aragonite tourmaline. A native of Israel, she studied ceramics and art history in Tel Aviv, but found her true inspirations in the desert landscape, and in her frequent travels to the jungles of Costa Rica. Recently, Las Vegas's public places have caught on to her vision. Her Shades of Light, a series combining quartz, citrine and geode, occupies the newly renovated Red Rock penthouse suites. In October, six of her pieces— up to seven feet high—will arrive in the lobby of Delano Las Vegas as part of its ongoing art series, making moments of Zen accessible for everyone. . Public sPaces are finding serenity with the sculPtures of Dorit Schwartz. ZEN EFFECTS PhotograPhy by aaron takuya tozier (Wynn); andreW Feiler (SchWartz, haPPineSS) SPACE Art 116

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