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Vegas - 2016 - Issue 3 - Summer - Sush Machida

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HEllo, beauty! the hottest new spot in town? sexy nyc import Beauty & essex. by karen rose In a city of full frontal fabulous- ness, we love a gritty foil. The pawn shop-inspired entryway at Tao Group's 10,000-square-foot Beauty & Essex restaurant in Cosmopolitan provides just such a moment: Lined with vintage guitars and watch counters, it makes way for the opulent, jewel-themed rooms within, where maximalist décor rules the day. Ogle the custom chandelier in the Pearl Lounge, check your vibe in the Mirror Room with its gold DJ booth, and stroll a hallway draped with vintage lockets. The multiethnic shared-plate menu from Chopped judge Chris Santos is both tried and new, including dishes from the star's first New York restaurant, Stanton Social—look for the wildly popular French onion soup dumplings to blow your table's collective mind. A grilled cheese, smoked bacon, and tomato soup variation from Beauty & Essex NYC has made the trip to Vegas, along with other faves including braised chicken meatballs, which Santos says are "even better" here, using locally sourced meat from a small farm. The space, likewise, echoes the New York original without duplicating it. "We have greatest hits that we love," says Tao Group partner Rich Wolf, "but there's something new at every turn." 702-737-0707; . photography by jeff gale (interiors); courtesy of beauty & essex (food and drink) Spaghettini is made with zucchini and parsley pesto; loiter in luxury on the Pearl Lounge's banquettes. A gem of a drink! Beauty & Essex's Emerald Gimlet gets its color from fresh basil; vintage lockets adorn the walls. One of the menu's Jewels on Toast, with avocado, lemon, and espelette. left: Guitars for sale in the pawn shop-inspired entrance.  113 real estate & Design space

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