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89 IT CAN PROBABLY BE SAID that everyone who works at Wynn Resorts is in the wish-fulfillment business. After all, guests have come to expect that the unexpected will materialize while no one is looking. Gorgeous fresh flowers appear on the Esplanades, tiny mosaic tile floors are replaced, fabulous art pieces arrive and install themselves. The reality, of course, is that crews of tal- ented people—outnumbering the guests by a ratio of 3:1—form a kind of quiet city all their own at Wynn, each specializing in bringing their own brand of magic to fruition, and most accustomed to accommodating special requests. Still, the request we made of Wynn master cake artist Flora Aghababyan likely ranks among her most unusual of the year: Create a love story in cakes for a fictional couple treating themselves to a decadent evening at Wynn Las Vegas. You'll see the stunning results in our fashion feature on page 40, but to understand just what would go into those dozens of incredible custom cakes, we followed Aghababyan to her kitchen, hidden within that inner sanctum at Wynn Las Vegas. As we arrive, an assistant is already feeding chilled blocks of sugar dough into a fondant sheeter, flattening them into malleable sheets they'll cut into decorations. Shelves of edible pigments line the walls, and another assistant is airbrushing edible gold paint onto trays of spiky gum paste sculptures, transforming them into near duplicates of the gilded chrysanthemums that line the walls at Wing Lei. Aghababyan moves effortlessly through her kitchen, brushing a flat piece of modeling chocolate that she's stamped with a brocade texture with translucent edible gold. She works fast: Though she keeps the kitchen at a consistent 66 degrees F, there's a narrow window for shaping the chocolate: work it too much and it begins to melt, wait too long and it won't wrap around the cake. She's surrounded by inspiration; fashion shoots from inside Wynn, a catalogue of her own involved cake sketches— and shelf upon shelf of her specialty cakes under glass covers. An edible Tiffany-blue box appears open, freeing a quirky fondant dog; a bouquet of intensely sherbet-colored roses is a sugary ode to Wynn's floral designs. There is even a porcelain-like interpretation of the landmark Benedictine monastery Ettal Abbey, for which she won the nation's foremost Sugar Art Show, its frescoes immortalized in sugar paint. 對於永利渡假村裡所有的員工來說,工作的終極目標就是讓客人的夢想 成真。客人們喜歡在不經意間出現的各種驚喜,像是海濱大街上裝飾的美麗 鮮花,小小的馬賽克地磚最近又換了花樣,還時時能看見有新的藝術品展 出!這些看似神奇的魔法細節,有賴幕後各位出色的永利員工的通力合作。 永利員工數量與客人的比例是11:1,即每位客人都有十一位永利員工為之 服務,這樣看來,永利像是為客人建起了一個夢想之城,裡面的每位員工都 擅長不同的魔法,讓客人最獨特的要求和夢想都能實現。 永利拉斯維加斯的蛋糕藝術大師F lora A ghababya n這次收到我們 的請求,可算是她本年度遇到最棘手的案例之一:我們的時裝拍攝故事背 景是一對夫婦準備在永利度過一個奢華的難忘之夜,請A ghababya n為這 對夫婦製作一個蛋糕,講述這段愛情故事。各位可以在4 0頁的時裝專題裡 看到A ghababyan最終做出的美妙作品,但為了進一步瞭解那些美得讓人驚 嘆的定制蛋糕,我們跟隨 A ghababya n走進隱藏在永利拉斯維加斯裡的廚 房聖地,一探究竟。 我們抵達廚房的時候,A ghababya n的一位助手已經把冷凍的翻糖 麵團放進模具裡擀平,切成裝飾蛋糕所需的形狀。牆架上放滿了各種可 食用的染色顏料,另一位助手正把金色顏料輕輕塗上雕成花瓣狀的麵 團,做成一朵朵金色的菊花,和永利軒牆上裝飾的金菊花幾乎一模一 樣。A ghababya n輕鬆自如地在廚房裡穿行,在巧克力糖皮上壓出綢緞質 感的花紋,再刷上半透明的食用金箔。她的動作非常迅速,雖然廚房常年 維持在恆溫18 . 8 8攝氏度,但巧克力定型的過程仍然需要小心翼翼控制好 時間:擀壓太多次的話,巧克力就會融化,時間過長巧克力又會包不住蛋 糕。A ghababya n的工作環境裡擺滿了各種靈感來源,像是以永利為背景的 時裝攝影、她自己的蛋糕設計手稿,還有玻璃罩裡的各種蛋糕作品:在一個 可以吃的 Ti f fa ny藍色的盒子裡,跑出一隻趣致的翻糖小狗;一束染成冰沙 紅色的的玫瑰,是向永利花藝設計致敬的甜美頌歌;還有以 Et t a l Abbey本 篤會修道院為原型的精緻作品,讓修道院的壁畫在翻糖藝術裡生動再現, 這件作品為A ghababya n在美國俄州舉行的國際翻糖藝術展上贏得全場大 獎。 「我製作的每個蛋糕都是由畫手稿圖開始,」廚房裡的機器發出輕微的 Love in White ( Chocolate ) 永利的蛋糕烘焙大師Flora Aghababyan為今期時裝專題準備了 美味而精緻的道具,一起跟她走進廚房一探究竟吧。 We followed Wynn master cake baker Flora Aghababyan into her kitchen as she prepared to fill our fashion feature with delectable props. by Andrea Bennett 白色巧克力之戀

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