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京花軒位於璀璨瑰麗的永利澳門,以朱紅色牆體配合由意大利Fortuny品牌 打造的琺瑯製馬賽克地板,裝潢設計如同一個華美的珠寶盒。然而京花軒的設 計還不算是它最奢侈之處,這裡的主廚劉國柱大師才是。沉穩又謙遜的劉師傅, 在京花軒明亮潔淨的廚房裡專注地烹飪他的拿手菜式。準備的過程極為繁複嚴 謹,要把一隻農場放養走地雞與金華火腿、老鴨一同慢燉8小時,做出極鮮美的 高湯。只有通過長時間的燉煮,才能讓湯的味道在鮮甜和鹹味之間取得微妙的平 衡。然後再把魚肚和蟹鉗加入這個鮮美無比的湯底裡,菜式才算大功告成。這種 GOLDEN FLOWER RESTAURANT SITS IN A JEWEL-BOX-LIKE ROOM INSIDE THE SUMPTUOUSLY DECORATED WYNN MACAU, with its rich red walls and cloisonné mosaic floor softly lit by Fortuny fixtures. The most luxurious detail, though, isn't the décor; Golden Flower's true treasure is its chef, Liu Guo Zhu. Quiet and unassuming, he works diligently in the gleaming kitchens on one of his signature dishes. It's a painstaking process, involving eight hours of slow-cooking a free-range hen, Jinhua ham, and aged duck together to create the ultimate broth, a soup that needs this kind of time to develop its nuanced balance of sweet and salt. This then forms the perfect base for fish maw and crab claw. Such a meticulous process is a hallmark of the cooking for which chef Liu has earned worldwide accolades—not to mention two Michelin stars: Tan cuisine. "It is very balanced and protects the flavors of its ingredients," he explains. "But it is also very exclusive and hard to truly understand because of the labor-intensive cooking methods involved." Given the origins of Tan cuisine, its rarefied reputation today is unsurpris- ing. Its namesake, Guangdong-born Tan Zongjun, moved to Beijing in the late 19th century as a high-ranking official in the Qing dynasty. Tan quickly earned plaudits for more than just his professional standing. "He brought his fami- 幾近失傳的清代宮廷美饌在永利澳門的京花軒重獲 新生,當今世上只有極少數廚師能夠掌握這個菜系。 A nearly-lost cuisine of China's Qing era is kept alive at Wynn Macau's Golden Flower by one of the few men in the world qualified to serve it. by Mark Ellwood FLAVOR DYNASTY 84 皇朝珍味

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