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S inatra餐厅 "Sinatra has an amazing vibe that feels very classic Las Vegas. The combination of the Sinatra tunes, the décor, and the singular memorabilia—especially that wonderful photo of Sinatra with Mr. Wynn—instantly transports you back in time and makes you feel like you are dining during the Rat Pack era when Sinatra was king. I recommend beginning the night with the Sinatra Smash, a Sinatra-inspired cocktail of blackberries infused with Jack Daniels. The food at Sinatra is a refined take on classic American-Italian thanks to Chef Theo Schoenegger's touch. Six years ago I started working with Theo on creating vegan versions of some of the classics. I love the Caesar salad and the almond- milk ricotta agnolotti with asparagus purée. Chef Theo also makes an unbelievable cranberry bean soup. It's a seasonal item, so I definitely recommend getting it when it is available." Sinatra restaurant PHOTOGRAPHY BY BARBARA KRAFT 82 Wynn Theater Jef f Koons的大力水手雕塑 "I have always been a fan of Jeff Koons's art, so I was pleasantly surprised to find his Popeye sculpture sitting in front the of the Wynn Theater. It's larger than life, and has Popeye holding a can of spinach, which I think is a great tribute to our vegan program at Wynn and Encore." Jeff Koons's Popeye Sculpture in the Wynn Theater Rotunda 『我一直都是Jeff Koons的粉絲,所以在Wynn Theater 前看見他的大力水手雕塑感覺非常驚喜。雕塑比真人更高 大,卜派Popeye拿著一罐菠菜的樣子,在我看來,就像 永利和萬利在向我們的素食計劃致敬一樣。』 『Sinatra餐廳裡洋溢著非常經典的拉斯維加斯氣 息。法蘭·仙納杜拉(Frank Sinatra)的音樂與餐廳裝潢 非常相襯,加上那些獨一無二的收藏紀念品,尤其是 仙納杜拉與永利先生的精彩合照,瞬間把你帶回到美 好的經典往昔,置身於仙納杜拉領軍的Rat Pack搖擺 樂年代。我建議以Sinatra Smash雞尾酒為美妙的一夜 拉開序幕,這款雞尾酒用Jack Daniels威士忌混合黑莓 果肉調製而成,靈感正是源自仙納杜拉。Sinatra餐廳 供應美式意大利菜,在主廚Theo Schoenegger的主理 下,風格更加精緻細膩。我從六年前開始與Theo合作, 製作餐廳經典菜式的素食版本。我喜歡凱撒沙律,杏 仁奶ricotta芝士意大利餃配蘆筍泥。Theo主廚還有一 道蔓越莓豆湯也是美味得令人難以置信,僅限當季供 應,個人強烈推薦大家品嚐。』

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