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80 PHOTOGRAPHY BY MAT T PRESCOT T (RONNEN); BARBARA KRAFT (WING LEI) "Wing Lei is one of my favorite dining spots. Chef Ming is a master with a delicate touch. The food is beautifully plated, and it has a lightness that is the opposite of the heavy quality some might associate with Chinese food in America. The dining room was recently remodeled, but my favorite 100-year-old pomegran- ate trees that Mr. Wynn brought back from China is still visible through the glass—they're beauties. Working with Chef Ming was easy, because so many Asian ingredients lend themselves easily to plant-based recipes. And now Ming has taken these vegan recipes to a whole new level. The garden dumplings are my favorite: The dish contains five dumplings in varying colors and shapes. Each are filled with seasonal vegetables, and they are plated to look like a bed of flowers coming up from the soil—the dish is as visually stunning as it is tasty." Wing Lei, garden dumplings Tal Ronnen作為永利拉斯維加斯和萬利的特約合作大廚,親自幫永利渡假村的高級餐廳設計了12款素食菜 單。今年10月5日在永利的Lakeside餐廳,Ronnen將與餐廳主廚Paul Zlatos(曾任著名電視主持人Oprah Winfrey的私人主廚)一起,進行永利大師班『意念烹飪』課程教學。Ronnen會在課堂上示範烹飪他的暢 銷食譜《Crossroads》裡面最受歡迎的菜式。食譜書名源自他在荷里活開設的同名餐廳Crossroads,披頭 士的Paul McCartney爵士、著名電視主持人Ellen DeGeneres都是餐廳的粉絲。Ronnen說:"每次來永利 我都會住一個禮拜,有機會嚐遍酒店裡這麼多間出色的餐廳,感覺非常幸運。以下是我個人最喜歡的 幾處。』 A COLLABORATING CHEF for Wynn Las Vegas and Encore, Tal Ronnen helps maintain 12 vegan menus at the resorts' fine dining restaurants. On October 5 at Wynn's Lakeside restaurant, Ronnen—alongside Paul Zlatos, Lakeside's Chef de Cuisine (and former personal chef to Oprah Winfrey)—will lead the Wynn Master Class "Conscious Cooking." In this hands-on class, he will demonstrate some of the most popular recipes from his best-selling cookbook, Crossroads— named for his Hollywood restaurant, which counts Sir Paul McCartney and Ellen DeGeneres among its fans. "I feel very fortunate that I stay at Wynn for a week at a time," says Ronnen, "which allows me the opportunity to hit up so many of the great restaurants at the resorts. But here are some of my favorites." 永利轩 素菜饺 『永利軒是我最喜歡的餐廳之一,主廚明師傅是技藝精湛的 烹飪大師。食物的擺盤非常精美,輕巧而雅緻的氣質有別於美國 中菜館慣用的厚重擺盤。餐廳最近裝修過,透過落地玻璃仍然能 看見我最喜歡的那棵由永利先生從中國帶回的100歲石榴樹,多 麼賞心悅目的畫面。與明師傅合作是一件相當輕鬆的事情,因為 有這麼多亞洲食材可以隨意運用在素食菜式裡。如今明師傅將素 食菜式提升到更高的境界。素菜餃是我最喜歡的一道菜:5隻顏 色和形狀各異的餃子,釀入當季時鮮蔬菜,擺盤如同一簇鮮花在 土壤上綻放,為視覺和味覺帶來雙重享受。』 CHEF'S CHOICE 素食名廚Tal Ronnen到訪永利拉斯維加斯和萬利,與大家分享他最喜愛的素食佳餚。 Celebrity vegan chef Tal Ronnen shares his favorite veggie-friendly delights at Wynn Las Vegas and Encore. 大廚之選

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