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on her: Black ribbed knitted dress with gold mesh dress by Alexander McQueen ($2,545). Alexander McQueen, Wynn Las Vegas, 702-770-3490; Wynn Palace Cotai, 853-2877-6010. Douce du desert pumps by Christian Louboutin ($895). Wynn Collection, Wynn Las Vegas, 702-770-3545. on him: Double-breasted dinner jacket ($5,000), poplin dress shirt ($786), classic trousers ($1,044), and patent leather dress shoes ($1,263) by Ralph Lauren Purple Label. Ralph Lauren, Wynn Palace Cotai, 853-2885-3162 PHOTOGRAPHY BY BONNIE HOLL AND. 造造 ST YLING BY LEIL ANI L ACSON 47 WYNN Style It's the stuff of dreams for the sweet tooth. A fun-loving couple takes a jaunt through Wynn on what just might be the most stylish scavenger hunt ever. Has he hidden a little something for his sweetheart in one of dozens of indulgent cakes? She'll just have to taste each one to find out. 這裡是為熱愛甜美生活的人而設的夢幻國 度。這對精通玩樂之道的愛侶漫遊永利, 展開一場華麗的時尚尋寶遊戲。他有否為 愛人在幾十個精美的蛋糕裡埋藏一點小 驚喜?她要仔細品嚐過每一個,才能解 開謎底。 女:Alexander McQueen 黑色羅紋針織配金色網紗連衣裙 (2,545美元) Alexander McQueen, 永利拉斯維加斯, 702-770-3490; 永利皇宮路氹, 853-2877-6010。 Christian Louboutin Douce du desert 高跟鞋(895美元) Wynn Collection, 永利拉斯維加斯,702-770-3545 男:Ralph Lauren Purple Label 雙排扣晚禮服(5,000美元), 府綢禮服襯衫(786美元), 經典西褲(1,044美元), 漆皮鞋(1,263美元) Ralph Lauren,永利皇宮路氹, 853-2885-3162

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