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Burberry, which initiated the new trend, has been at the forefront of identifying its customers and understanding their wants, she says. "They might produce 20 of these beautiful coats and give them to their top cus- tomers first. It is then sold out, which creates demand so other customers come to the store. Even if they have to wait a little longer, they will get it." Analysts are keeping a close watch on how many brands will participate. In a special report on the trend earlier this year, Fung Global Retail & Technology Managing Director Deborah Weinswig noted that everything from the rise of digitization and manufacturing efficiencies to globalization and even global warming is pushing fashion houses toward more imme- diate collections. According to a Verdict Retail survey conducted in the UK in June 2016, nearly 86 percent of consumers prefer buying clothes to wear for the current weather, and more than half don't like purchasing apparel before the next season. Despite the logistical challenges of having to rethink existing supply chains, Weinswig concluded, "It is very likely that the fashion industry will generally continue to evolve toward a more straight-to-retail model." Retailers will increasingly look toward techno- logical innovations like 3-D virtual fitting rooms and social media tools for customer service. In other words, says Carter, "Fashion is no longer about malls—beautiful fashion is being offered in hotel boutiques, at the airport. Fashion is on your phone and laptop. You can buy it from the comfort of your hotel or your home or when you are traveling." The mind of today's customer, she says, reads something like this: "I want it now. I want it in China. I want it in London, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, New York, and LA be- cause customers online are sharing it, Snapchatting it, and tweeting it." At least one thing hasn't changed in retail: The customer is always right. Carter说,開創這股購買潮流的Burberry, 一直都走在研究客戶需求的最 前方:『他們可能會先生產20件好看的大衣,並優先出售給頂級客戶。待20件 全部售空之後,這種缺貨的局面便會吸引更多顧客到店鋪預訂,即使要等上 一陣,他們也要得到它。』 時尚分析師們正在密切關注有多少品牌會參與到即見即買的潮流中。 馮氏全球零售與科技運營總監Deborah Weinswig在今年早時發佈一份時尚 趨勢特別報告中指出,數字化信息興起、製造業效率提升、全球一體化發 展,甚至到全球氣溫暖化的趨勢,都將會推動時裝屋轉向更即時、當季的銷 售策略。 根據2016年6月Verdict Retail在英國進行的調查顯示,近86%的消 費者喜歡根據當下的天氣買衣服,超過半數的人不喜歡提前購買下個季節 的服裝。Weinswig總結說,儘管物流供應的限制讓品牌有必要重新考慮現有 的供應鏈結構,『但時尚界很有可能繼續向著更直接面對顧客的零售模式 發展。』零售商將越來越多地關注科技創新帶來的新銷售模式,比如3D虛 擬試衣間,比如能提供客戶服務的社交媒體工具。卡特認為換句話來說,『 時尚購物不必再局限在商場內了,如今酒店的精品店和機場都能有非常高 水準的時尚貨品出售。 時尚就在你的手機、電腦裡,隨時都能買到。 你可 以舒舒服服地在酒店、在家中、旅途上隨時購物。』她認為如今顧客的心聲 是這樣的:『我現在就想買。無論我身在中國、倫敦、墨西哥、沙特阿拉伯、 紐約還是洛杉磯,看見其他用戶在網絡上、在snapchat, twitter上分享,所以 我也想擁有。』 嗯,零售業至少有一件事至今沒有改變:客戶永遠是對的。 PHOTOGRAPHY BY CAT WALKING/GET T Y IMAGES "Macau, and Wynn in particular, has some of the highest volume of luxury stores in the world." —linda switzer 『澳門,尤其是永利澳門擁有多間 世界頂級水準的奢侈品牌店鋪』 —linda switzer 超模Gigi Hadid為 Moschino 2017秋冬米蘭 發佈會走秀。 Supermodel Gigi Hadid walks at the Moschino Autumn Winter 2017 show in Milan. 44

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