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40 PHOTOGRAPHY BY SEAN ZANNI/PATRICK MCMULLEN VIA GET T Y IMAGES (JENNER); BARBARA KRAFT (STORE); GARETH CAT TERMOLE/GET T Y IMAGES FOR BURBERRY Historically, fashion shows have preceded the release of collections to accomplish several things: reveal trends to buyers and media, allow the brands to coordinate with suppliers to determine the volume they will produce, and begin to take orders. One can expect that the actual looks from the runway will be available to buy around six months after a show. But social media is changing the way that designers interact with cus- tomers. "We've got Insta, Facebook, Snapchat—all these opportunities to interact with the consumer. There is a sense of urgency; she just has to have it now," says Shawn Carter, Associate Professor of Fashion Business Management at the Fashion Institute of Technology, in New York. The trend heralds a new way of buying, whether it is snaring a coveted, hard-to-get item or an entire collection, complete with the makeup worn on the "virtual" runway. "This is very exciting because customers are cu- rating the collections of fashion now, and that is a seismic shift in the way we buy. We are used to having fashion editors and buyers curating it, but now the consumer is saying, 'No, I know what I want. I've got my friends, I've got Snapchat, and I'll tell you what I want,'" Carter says. And while fashion brands are jumping on the opportunity that an in- stant community of consumer-curators presents, closing the gap between the reveal and the sale also allows them to hold on to the integrity of their designs. After all, in the six months between Fashion Week and when clothing finds its way to the racks, so-called fast fashion companies have ample time to produce similar designs that are "inspired by" a designer's collection without technically violating intellectual property laws. Linda Switzer, Vice President of Retail at Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace in Cotai, says the see-now buy-now trend lends itself well to Macau, where demand for fashion is strong. "Macau is a tourist des- 此大家通常要等6個月左右的時間,才能買到秀場發佈的系列款式。但如今 社交媒體的興起,改變了時裝設計師與顧客之間的互動方式。紐約流行設 計學院(Fashion Institute of Technology)時尚管理系副教授Shawn Carter 說:『Insta, Facebook, Snapchat這些社交媒體,都是品牌和顧客交流互動的 好機會。如今整個行業都能感覺到顧客看見就想立即買入的迫切心情。』 新的時裝購買方式由此興起,從人人熱搶的限量發售版到整個當季系 列,甚至是秀場模特用的化妝品,都能即見即買了。Carter這樣評論這股新 趨勢:『顧客如今能夠參與決定時裝系列的創作風格,購買時裝的方式也發 生了顛覆,這是激動人心的事情。以前通常是由時裝編輯和買手決定風尚 走向,但如今的顧客會說:不用了,我知道自己想要什麼。我有朋友分享、有 Snapchat可以交流信息,我會告訴你我想要什麼。』 時裝品牌極大地受益於由這些消費者組成的即時互動平台,發佈與銷 售兩者之間的差距在日漸縮小,品牌得以專心投入設計創作。 不然的話,從 clockwise from left: Kendall Jenner walks for Alexander Wang, February 2017 in New York City; Burberry at Wynn Palace Cotai; the Burberry Womenswear finale, February 2016 in London. 從左至右順時針: Kendall Jenner今年 2月在紐約為 Alexander Wang走秀; 永利皇宮路氹內的 Burberry店鋪; 2016年2月 倫敦時裝週,Burberry 女裝系列的謝幕一刻。

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