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38 時裝設計師們如今越來越習慣在秀場發佈最新一季作品之後,立 即推出成衣銷售。其實,為了盡快滿足時裝迷的入貨慾望,即見即 買這股全新購物趨勢風行的背後,有極為充分的理由。 More and more, designers are offering their latest looks almost right off the runway. Turns out, there are practical reasons behind giving fashion lovers what they want, right now. by Julie Earle-Levine PHOTOGRAPHY BY MONICA SCHIPPER/GET T Y IMAGES Mercedes-Benz時裝週 上,觀眾紛紛用手機拍 下天橋現場 Guests snap photos along a runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The NOW SEASON 即享时尚乐趣 PICTURE THE PERFECT BURBERRY WINTER COAT WALK- ING DOWN A RUNWAY IN FEBRUARY that normally would not be available in stores until the sticky summer heat of August, months later. By then, the desire is gone, and for practical seasonal reasons you no longer want that coat. Fortunately for fashion lovers, the "see-now, buy-now trend" launched by some of the world's leading fashion houses last year, including Burberry, Hugo Boss, and Ralph Lauren, delivers consumers instant fashion gratification. Welcome to the new world of immediate shopping, where customers can see a fashion show and snap up key pieces within hours of eyeballing them. 試想像一下,你二月份在Burberry秀場上看到的那件美麗的冬裝外套, 至少要等到炎熱潮濕的八月才能買到。到那時,購買的慾望早就消失無踪 了,而且一旦進入盛夏季節,你就會完全失去買入一件冬裝外套的慾望。 幸好從去年開始,包括Burberry, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren在內的國際 一線大牌開始推行"即見即買"的銷售策略,為時裝迷們即時送上秀場新 款。歡迎來到時裝購買的新世界:顧客在發佈會看中心怡的款式,短短幾 個小時之後就能買到。 以前時裝秀場發佈會的款式比實際公開發售的時間提早很多,原因 主要有幾個:品牌願意先向買手和媒體透露下一季的流行趨勢,以便有充 足的時間觀察反應,與供貨商決定生產的數量,然後再開始接受訂單。因

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