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26 ognize several points that the hotel would have earned within minutes. And if the carpet didn't make a lasting imprint, the service did. "I hadn't even made it to the room yet, but I'm dazzled," Wynn says. "And I make up my mind that that's what I want with my employees. What the hell were they feeding these kids? How did they get that warmth? Now there's luxury." What separates Forbes Five Star resorts from other merely excellent facilities, Inzerillo says, is their willing- ness to act on information. As Maurice Wooden, President of Wynn Las Vegas, says, "Forbes gives us a report, and then they sit down with all the people who get those reports and take them through the experiences. We get to recognize employees who scored well for their exemplary service, and develop new ways to train people to make sure that they're up to discipline." Frasier notes that Wynn has opted for additional incognito inspections and more frequent reports than other resorts. "What Steve is doing is doubling down on service," Inzerillo says. "Even though he's the market leader in every city, he's saying, 'As good as we are, we have to get better.'" But training wouldn't be enough if employees didn't believe they belonged there, he says. "People ask me what the common denominator is among the world's 175 Five Stars. What sets them apart is that employees know their contribution is meaningful. Steve believes something I've been saying for 30 years: The best hotel is one driven by a service culture and built on the self-es- teem of its staff—which translates into keeping its promise to its guests. And that's why it's so special." 史提芬永利與妻子安德莉婭永利 Steve and Andrea Wynn. PHOTOGRAPHY BY BARBARA KRAFT (WING LEI); RON YUE (STEVE AND ANDREA W YNN) 電要求服務的電話號碼。前台服務員知道他的名 字,告訴他已經幫他升級了房間。如果你讀過《福 布斯旅遊指南》裡面幾百項的評分標準的話,就能 明白史提芬永利在抵達酒店的短短幾分鐘內已經 感受到的出色服務。儘管酒店的地毯沒有令史提 芬永利留下深刻印象,酒店的服務卻讓他永記心 頭。「我還未進到房間,就已經強烈感受到酒店服 務的出色,」史提芬永利說,「我覺得這就是我對 自己酒店員工的期望。酒店到底給員工吃的是什 麼?為什麼員工們能為客人帶來如此溫暖親切的 感覺?這就是奢華的意義所在。」 Inzerillo說,與其他僅是注重華麗設施的酒店 相比,福布斯五星榮譽酒店往往在服務的主動性和 積極性上更勝一籌。永利拉斯維加斯總裁Maurice Wooden說:「福布斯會發送評測報告給我們,他們 會和收到報告的各方一起坐下來,回顧整個評分過 程和體驗。我們得以了解有哪些員工服務是優秀範 例,並據此改進員工培訓方法,確保他們能夠達到 相應的水準。」Frasier指出,永利因此願意接受比其 他度假酒店更頻繁的匿名觀察和評測報告。 Inzerillo說:「史提芬現在正加倍致力於服務 水準的提升。儘管他在每個建立了永利渡假酒店 的城市裡,都居於市場領導者的地位,但他常說我 們做得很好,但我們必須變得更好。」Inzerillo解 釋道:「員工培訓的目標之一,是讓員工產生對酒 店的歸屬感。人們常常問我全世界175個五星榮譽 酒店的共同點是什麼。這個共同點就是[員工]知道 永利拉斯維加斯的永利軒 是北美地區唯一獲得 《福布斯旅遊指南》 五星評級的中菜館。 Wing Lei at Wynn Las Vegas is the Forbes Travel Guide's only Five Star Chinese restaurant in North America. 他們的貢獻對酒店來說有重要意義。 這個觀點 我說了三十年了,史提芬一直非常認同:最好的酒 店應該以酒店的服務文化為驅動力,並建立起員 工的自尊價值 —這意味著信守對客人的服務承 諾。 這就是福布斯五星酒店的特別之處。」

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