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24 PHOTOGRAPHY BY BARBARA KRAFT (IL TEATRO); SAM SIN (MIZUMI) transparent, global meritocracy," he says. The company now vets hotels in 42 countries by sending anonymous inspectors for two-night stays, during which they assess the hotel against a set of up to 890 standards, which Amanda Frasier, Forbes Travel Guide's Senior Vice President of Ratings, says are always evolving. The mys- tery guests then send their reports to corporate headquarters, where a proprietary algorithm—heavily weighted toward service at a surprising 75 percent, with facilities contributing 25 percent—is used to determine the star rating. "Which is not to say that the facility is not important, since the facility is what qualifies you to be evaluated in the first place," Frasier says. Adds Inzerillo, "Emotional connectivity is not derived by the square footage of a bathroom. What people remember is, Was I looked after? Did I feel comfortable? Was I entertained?" Though Steve Wynn's many stars now stretch from Las Vegas to Macau, he might say his operating philoso- phy was solidified in Reno, Nevada, in 1973. "I made a reservation at the Harrah's on Virginia Street, a down- town hotel in Reno that's bare-bones," he recalls, which was then owned by its founder, Bill Harrah. "And when I pulled up my rental car to the curb, it felt like pulling up to the Plaza." A young man greeted him immediately, giving him a phone number to call at any time, and a front desk attendant welcomed him by name and told him that his room had been upgraded. Those who have read the hundreds of Forbes checklist items will rec- 況的旅行者來說,酒店行業競爭如此激烈,旅遊網站 對酒店星級評定各有不同標準,過多的評分系統就 會失去意義:「人們預訂網站廣告上獲得四星、五星 甚至七星評分的酒店,但往往大失所望。」 為了改善Inzerillo所指的行業「信任危機」, 三年前,《福布斯旅遊指南》重新制定其評選目 標。Inzerillo說:「我們將《福布斯旅遊指南》定位為 一個評分標準透明的全球精英酒店指南。公司會向 42個國家的酒店派出匿名觀察員,進行為期兩晚的住 宿評測。在此期間,他們會根據高達890項的評分標 準去評測酒店。據《福布斯旅遊指南》評分高級副總 裁Amanda Frasier表示,這些標準一直在與時俱進。 匿名觀察員將報告發回公司總部,總部會根據一套專 門的評分計算系統來決定酒店的星級評分,其中酒店 的服務水準所佔的比例最重,高達75%,設施配套佔 25%。」Frasier說:「這並不意味著配套設施不重要, 因為酒店設施是否符合相應水準,是我們首先要評 估的項目。」Inzerillo補充道:「酒店與客人之間的情 感聯繫,並非由浴室面積這些設施標準來決定。客人 會記住的體驗,是他們在酒店裡是否感覺到周全細 緻的服務?是否感覺舒適?是否感覺快樂?」 從拉斯維加斯到澳門,史提芬永利都摘下了 眾多星級榮譽,但他可能會堅持說,他的經營理念 於1973年的內華達州里諾市就已經打下了牢固根 基。「我曾經預訂過里諾市中心當時最好的酒店, Virginia街的Harrah's酒店,」他回憶道,酒店的創 始人是Bill Harrah:「我在泊車時,已經感覺到如同 身在廣場大酒店(Plaza)一般的尊貴體驗。」一位年 輕服務生立即上前迎接問候,並給他一個可隨時致 永利澳門的「泓」日本料理 今年首次由四星評級榮陞 五星。圖片是餐廳鐵板燒 菜單的日本八重山 和牛鐵板燒。 Mizumi at Wynn Macau was elevated from a Four Star to a Five Star rating for the first time this year. shown here: Japanese Yaeyama Wagyu beef from the restaurant's teppanyaki menu. 永利澳門的帝雅廷意大利 餐廳連續四年獲得 《福布斯旅遊指南》 頒發五星榮譽 Il Teatro at Wynn Macau has been awarded five stars from Forbes Travel Guide for four years running.

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