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THIS YEAR, AMONG THE 175 HOTELS IN THE WORLD WITH A FIVE STAR RATING FROM THE FORBES TRAVEL GUIDE, Wynn Macau set a record: In the city with the most Forbes Five Star hotels (Macau has 10, rivaled only by Paris), Wynn Macau earned eight Five Star ratings, for its hotel, spa, and four restau- rants—the only resort on earth to receive so many. Add that number to the 13 Five Star ratings for Wynn Las Vegas, and Wynn Resorts can now say it has more Forbes Five Star awards than any other independent hotel company on the planet. It's an impressive feat, to be sure, but what does it mean exactly? For hotels, says Steve Wynn, "It isn't as simple as just putting up a sign at the front desk that says we have five stars." Rather, the honor is multidimensional. It requires that a hotel spend more money to offer its guests more luxury (and charge commensu- rate rates). But it also gets bragging rights, whose value is more difficult to calculate. For travelers trying to navigate a hypercompetitive industry, with online travel sites devising their own ratings to sell rooms, the many different star systems had lost their meaning, says Jerry Inzerillo, CEO of Forbes Travel Guide. "People buy what is advertised to be four- or five- or even seven-star experiences and have been terribly let down." To remedy what Inzerillo calls the industry's "trust problem," three years ago the guide reconfigured its goal. "We've expanded Forbes Travel Guide as a model of a 永利澳門的萬利酒店在 2017年再次榮獲 《福布斯旅遊指南》 五星榮譽 Encore at Wynn Macau earned a Five Star rating from Forbes Travel Guide once again in 2017. 23 WRITTEN IN THE STARS 今年,永利澳門從全球175家獲得《福布斯旅遊指南》五星榮譽的酒店中 脫穎而出,創下歷史紀錄:在澳門這個擁有最多福布斯五星榮譽酒店(澳門有 10家,僅巴黎能與之媲美)的城市,永利澳門共摘得八項五星榮譽,包括酒店, 水療中心和四間餐廳,成為全球唯一一家榮獲如此多五星評級的度假酒店。再 加上永利拉斯維加斯獲得的13項五星榮譽,永利渡假村如今比世界上任何一 家酒店集團都擁有更多的福布斯五星榮譽。這毫無疑問是一項非凡成就,然而 這些星星背後所代表的意義,究竟是什麼? 史提芬永利表示:「對於酒店來說,獲得五星榮譽的意義不僅是在前台放個 牌子說我們有五顆星。」相反地,這種榮譽裡蘊含著極其豐富的意義。它意味著 酒店要投入更多的資金為賓客締造更高水準的奢華體驗(酒店的收費標準要與 其奢華程度相稱)。但這種難以實際估算的價值,也使某些酒店更容易誇大其 詞。《福布斯旅遊指南》首席執行官Jerry Inzerillo表示,對於想了解酒店實際狀 永利渡假村成為全球榮膺最多《福布斯旅遊指南》 五星榮譽的度假酒店,这些星星是怎樣得來的? 對這家華麗的酒店來說,征途才剛剛開始。 Wynn Resorts have received a record number of stars from the Forbes Travel Guide, but how are those stars earned? A beautiful hotel is just the beginning. by Andrea Bennett 摘星的意義

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