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20 EMILY WILSON 攝影師 PHOTOGRAPHER This issue's Back Story on Wynn Las Vegas baker Flora Aghababyan was photo- graphed by Emily Wilson. A recent transplant to Las Vegas, Wilson was immediately fascinated with the work being done to revitalize the city's downtown area; she is drawn to the aura surrounding doers and dreamers, people who embody an entrepreneurial spirit. "I love shooting for Wynn magazine," says Wilson, "because those individuals featured are always at the top of their respective professions. Watching Flora work was magical. She moved and worked graceful as a dancer and balanced it all with the precision of a surgeon." Mark Ellwood wrote this issue's feature on the Tan cuisine offered at Wynn Macau Golden Flower restaurant. Ellwood writes regularly for Departures and Bloomberg Businessweek, among others. He is also a TV host and producer and regularly guests on NBC's Today Show and ABC News, commenting on lifestyle and pop culture trends. "The meal I had at Golden Flower was one of the most memorable in my life," says Ellwood. "Each morsel was bite-sized, unexpected and absolutely delicious. The painstaking attention to detail on every dish made French nouvelle cuisine seem slapdash." Todd Plummer covers fashion news, A-list soirées, and other happenings for publications including The New York Times, Women's Wear Daily, and Vogue .com. For this issue of Wynn, he examines the role global luxury brands play in promot- ing philanthropy, supporting the arts, and responding to the world's crisis areas. "There has always been a strong connec- tion between luxury and the arts," Plummer says. "But in recent years we've seen a rise in other kinds of work, such as the Cartier Charitable Foundation, which sponsors projects from helping Peruvian coffee farmers to working to increase access to healthcare in rural Senegal." Ann Wycoff is a travel and lifestyle writer whose work has appeared in San Diego Magazine, Coastal Living, and more. When she's not writing, she's exploring Baja's beaches and wine country or the mountains around Park City, Utah, where High West Distillery, the subject of her piece, "Manifest Destiny," is located. Wycoff sat down with biochemist and High West owner David Perkins to learn more about the brand's heritage, history, and distinct flavors. "High West embodies that renegade spirit," Wycoff says. "Both the whiskey and the town have great character, a sense of adventure and playfulness, and class." MARK ELLWOOD 作者 WRITER TODD PLUMMER 作者 WRITER ANN WYCOFF 作者 WRITER 今期關於永利拉斯維加斯的蛋 糕藝術大師F lora A ghababya n 的幕後故事,照片全部由E m i ly Wi lson拍攝。她最近移居拉斯維 加斯,見到歷經改造、煥發新生 的市中心地區,感覺極為驚喜。 她喜歡這裡人人都是腳踏實地 的夢想家,洋溢著創業精神的感 覺。她說:「我非常高興能為永利 雜誌拍攝照片,因為雜誌裡採訪 的人物都是專業領域裡的頂尖高 手。能拍攝 F lora工作的情景讓我 非常難忘,她的動作就像舞者一 樣優雅,又像外科醫生一樣嚴謹 精確。」 Ma rk E l lwood是今期永利澳門 京花軒譚家菜專題的作者。他 定期為《啟程》(Depa r t u res)和 《彭博商業週刊》(Bloomberg Busi nessweek)撰寫文章,還在 N BC電視台的 Today Show和 A BC新聞節目中擔任主持、製作 人和常駐嘉賓,點評生活品味和 流行文化趨勢。他說:「我在京 花軒吃到了畢生難忘的一餐。菜 式處理成精緻的一口份量,美味 得讓人難以置信。譚家菜在每道 菜、每個細節裡嚴格把控品質, 新派法國菜與之相比也顯得相 形見拙。」 Todd Plu m mer 為《紐約時報》、 《女裝日報》(Women's Wea r Da i ly)和 Vog ue.com撰寫時尚新 聞、社交宴會報導等等專題。今期 他為永利雜誌寫的文章,探討奢 侈品牌在推動慈善事業、藝術發 展,以及對世界貧困動亂地區的 支持作用。Plu m mer說:「奢侈品 與藝術之間有千絲萬縷的聯繫, 近年我們還看到奢侈品牌在越來 越多的領域發揮作用,比如卡地 亞慈善基金會,他們贊助支持秘 魯咖啡種植者的慈善項目,還資 助塞內加爾農村地區開展醫療保 健項目。」 A n n Wycof f為《Sa n Diego Ma g a z i ne》、《C oa st a l L iv i ng》 等雜誌撰寫旅行和生活品味的 文章。在不寫稿的時候,她會去 Baja一帶的海灘和釀酒區旅行, 或者去猶他州的Pa rk Cit y。今期 她寫的《終極嚮往之地》H igh West釀酒廠專題,就發生在 Pa rk Cit y。Wycof f與H igh West的主 人Dav id Perk i ns坐下來好好地 聊了一場,關於釀酒廠的歷史故 事,關於他們那些風味獨特的威 士忌。Wycof f認為:「H igh West 釀酒廠有種敢於挑戰傳統的反 叛精神,這裡的威士忌就像整個 城市一樣性格鮮明,敢於冒險、 有趣又優雅的氣質集於一身。」

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