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10 FEATURES PHOTOGRAPHY BY RUSSELL MACMASTERS FALL 2017 22 史提芬永利:摘星的意義 永利渡假村成為全球榮獲最多《福布 斯旅遊指南》五星大獎的度假酒店。 這些星星是怎樣得來的?對這家華 麗的酒店來說,征途才剛剛開始。 By Andrea Bennett 22 WRITTEN IN THE STARS Wynn Resorts have reveived a record number of stars from Forbes Travel Guide, but how are those stars earned? A beautiful hotel is just the beginning. By Andrea Bennett 28 終極嚮往之地 H ig h West這家本是肯塔基州風格的 釀酒廠,如何變成了猶他州進拓精神的 生動寫照?一起來看這個神奇的故事。 By Ann Wycoff 28 MANIFEST DESTINY The unlikely story of how Kentucky- style distillery High West became the embodiment of Utah's pioneering spirit. By Ann Wycoff 34 奢侈之舉 真誠回饋 對於奢侈品牌而言,利用其深遠的影響 力幫助有需要的人群,品牌自身也從中 獲益良多。而且對於品牌消費者來說, 這樣的舉動已經不僅是意料之外的 驚喜,更是一種理所當然的期待。 By Todd Plummer 34 THE LUXURY OF GIVING BACK For luxury brands, leveraging their considerable clout to help people benefits more than just the bottom line. And for consumers, it's no longer a bonus—it's the expectation. By Todd Plummer 38 即享時尚樂趣 時裝設計師們如今越來越習慣在秀場 發佈最新一季作品之後立即推出成衣 銷售。其實,為了盡快滿足時裝迷的 購買慾望,即見即買這股全新購物趨 勢風行的背後,有極為充分的理由。 By Julie Earle-Levine 38 THE NOW SEASON More and more, designers are offering their latest looks right off the runway. Turns out, there are practical reasons behind giving fashion lovers what they want, right now. By Julie Earle-Levine 84 位於永利澳門的京花軒, 是品嚐中國名菜譚家菜的 最佳選擇。 Golden Flower at Wynn Macau is a Five-Star destination for China's Tan cuisine.

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