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1 ] ERIC LEVIN contributing photographer "My strongest female role model? Lisa Pierpont [Boston Common Magazine editor-in- chief ], of course. She's elegant, stylish and refined, with a down-to-earth realness that just says, 'Let's go hit the dive bar after this black-tie event.'" 3 ] ROBERT COCUZZO contributing writer "I'm continually inspired by my partner Jenny Johnson. Beyond all of her accomplishments as an entrepreneur, the way she lifts others up around her—whether it be family, friends or business acquaintances—is something I'm trying to incorporate more into my life." 4 ] MARNI KATZ contributing writer "Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey is a tireless defender of civil and equal rights, a passionate advocate for rational gun control, and a dedicated crime fighter. Her passion for pursuing justice on a grand scale is an example for everyone." 5 ] GABRIELLA RIGGIERI contributing photographer "I've been inspired by Elizabeth Warren for a while now. All politics aside, it is truly inspiring to see a local woman with such a strong voice on the national level. We need more women in politics!" 3 2 2 ] ALEXANDRA HALL contributing writer "Anne Philbrick Hall, my late grandmother and a renowned New England sculptor of animals (she created the Siberian Husky statue at Northeastern University), and an award-celebrated painter and historian across Massachusetts, to this day—with a deserved cult following. She also happened to be a model and a total dish back in her day." 1 5 4 ERIC LEVIN PHOTO BY CHERYL RICHARDS CONTR IBUTORS For our Women of Style Issue we are asking: Who is your strongest female role model and why? 3 2 B O S T O N C O M M O N S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 7 | M O D E R N L U X U R Y . C O M

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