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Michigan Avenue - 2017 - Issue 1 - Spring - Giuliana Rancic

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76 MICHIGANAVEMAG.COM PHOTOGRAPHY BY TIMOTHY ANAYA (AMARASIRIWARDENA); COURTESY OF MINISTRY OF SUPPLY (BOTTOM RIGHT); COURTESY OF ZEGNA (TOP RIGHT); COURTESY OF THEORY (BOTTOM LEFT) FASHION, FORWARD THE FUTURE IS NOW FOR MENSWEAR IN CHICAGO, AS FASHION LABELS EMBRACE WEARABLE TECH AND BRING NEW MEANING TO THE IDEA OF 21ST-CENTURY STYLE. BY CONNOR CHILDERS Technology continues to take over our world, and this spring it advances even further into the sphere of style as three brands amp up their efforts to merge fashion with function. With a just-opened outpost in the 900 North Michigan Shops, Ministry of Supply (312-374- 1919; specializes in implementing technology into its garments, including moisture-wicking shirts that don't show sweat and breathable fabrics for enhanced ease, and has also just introduced a full line of women's clothing to match its initial menswear initiatives. Also stepping up its wearable tech offerings is Z Zegna (645 N. Michigan Ave., 312-867-3040;, who has introduced more travel-friendly wares that feature extra pockets as well as select pieces that can be folded into their own pouch for even more convenience, plus Techmerino, a fabric characterized by high performance that allows the wearer to keep cool. Another fabric enhancement comes from Theory (Saks Fifth Avenue, 700 N. Michigan Ave., 312-944- 6500; with the launch of its travel suit made from Simulate, a lightweight stretch nylon with a crepe-like texture that is breathable and wrinkle- free for added simplicity. If this is what the future of fashion looks like, we say: Bring it on. . Tomorrow's fashion today: The latest looks in wearable tech from Ministry of Supply (TOP LEFT AND BOTTOM RIGHT), whose co-founder Gihan Amarasiriwardena famously ran a half-marathon in the brand's machine-washable, movement- maximizing Going Places suit in 2015; Z Zegna (TOP RIGHT), whose travel-friendly 2017 collection features pieces that can be folded into their own pouch; and Theory (BOTTOM LEFT), whose new suits are made from breathable, wrinkle-free stretch nylon. STYLE TREND

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