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Michigan Avenue - 2017 - Issue 1 - Spring - Giuliana Rancic

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56 MICHIGANAVEMAG.COM NOBLE PURSUITS RUN, DON'T WALK. WITH ONLY 560 BOTTLES IN THE WORLD, CASA NOBLE'S ALTA BELLEZA IS CHICAGO'S NEWEST NOT-TO-BE-MISSED SPIRIT. BY ALDOUS TUCK Connoisseur's cup: Jose "Pepe" Hermosillo, the CEO and founding partner of Casa Noble, has perfected a limited- edition añejo, Alta Belleza, that retails for $1,200 a bottle. With a family history of tequila-making that reaches back two centuries, Jose "Pepe" Hermosillo, Casa Noble's CEO and founding partner, has tequila in his blood. This legacy just went ultra-luxe with a limited- edition release of an exceptional añejo, the Alta Belleza ($1,200). Hermosillo shares the journey of this outstanding expression. How long did it take to create Alta Belleza? Nearly 16 years—which included handpicking 12-year-old blue agave, triple-distilling the añejo in small batches, and then aging it for three years before a six-month finishing in T5 Tonnellerie Taransaud French Oak wine barrels [that] formerly held Robert Mondavi To Kalon Cabernet Sauvignon. What makes the Taransaud barrels so special? We have worked with the Taransaud cooperage for years, so it was quite an opportunity to access these particular barrels, which add a singular complexity to the taste profile. Share the elements of that taste profile. It is a blend of two places: Jalisco, Mexico, and the Napa Valley. The complex tastes of sweet cooked agave, toasted almond and cinnamon, and the aromas of green apple and spices mingle with finishing notes of nuts, green pepper, and cinnamon from the wine barrels, which also deliver a beautiful copper tone. Available at The Marq, 60 W. Adams St., 312-600- 4434; . "THE WINE BARRELS ADD COMPLEXITY TO THE TASTE PROFILE AND DELIVER A BEAUTIFUL COPPER TONE." —JOSE HERMOSILLO SCENE CHEERS!

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