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Michigan Avenue - 2017 - Issue 1 - Spring - Giuliana Rancic

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CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Brian Brooks and Wendy Whelan in Some of a Thousand Words; Star Bird, by Gladys Nilsson, on view at the Elmhurst Art Museum; Plácido Domingo returns to the Lyric; Dorothy the Witchslayer in House Theatre's Great and Terrible Wizard of Oz; Destiny of Desire at the Goodman; and the Lyric's Ardis Krainik Theatre. PHOTOGRAPHY BY ERIN BAIANO (BROOKS AND WHELAN); COURTESY OF LARRY & EVY (EVELYN) ARONSON (STAR BIRD); MICHAEL BROSILOW (DOMINGO; THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE WIZARD OF OZ); DEBORA ROBINSON/SCR (DESTINY OF DESIRE); KYLE FLUBACKER (ARDIS KRAINIK THEATRE) "I am tethered to the ground, and she seems to be always in flight." February 24; #4: Celebrating Plácido, Civic Opera House. Plácido Domingo has been bringing audiences to their feet for more than 50 years and shows no signs of stopping. Last season he sang Macbeth in Los Angeles and Vienna before doing Nabucco at the Met; now he's swinging by Lyric Opera for this love-fest with soprano Ailyn Pérez (in her Lyric debut) and tenor Michael Spyres. March 9; #5: Destiny of Desire, The Goodman Theatre. When it comes to over-the-top drama and to-the- max glam, Latin telenovelas put American soaps to shame. Karen Zacarías—one of the most widely produced contemporary playwrights in the country—draws from the powerfully popular entertainment in this story of—yes—two baby girls switched at birth by a conniving beauty queen. Says Zacarías, "It's unapologetically feminist, it's unapologetically Latino. It will feed the mind and feed the heart." March 11–April 16; #6: Spies, Traitors, Saboteurs: Fear and Freedom in America, Chicago History Museum. As we struggle to wrap our heads around our new normal, the Chicago History Museum reviews past challenges to the national health with this absorbing show. Organized by the Spy Museum in Washington, DC, it examines events ranging from the British burning the White House in 1814 to the tragedy of 9/11. April 8–November 26; #7: The Great and Terrible Wizard of Oz, The House Theatre. Seems like a fool's errand to wander over the rainbow when MGM nailed it back in 1939. But L. Frank Baum's classic tale tempts again and again, and House Theatre —known for its willingness to go out on a creative limb—heads down the yellow brick road with its own inventive imagining of Dorothy's wind-borne adventures. March 17–May 7; . 48 MICHIGANAVEMAG.COM SCENE CULTURE

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