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Michigan Avenue - 2016 - Issue 6 - Winter - Dwyane Wade

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DISRUPT TO INNOVATE Technical Production team designs full scope tech solutions for events to tell your story. Evoking emotion through dynamic lighting design, stunning video displays, visceral audio systems, and creative staging - we provide full service solutions in a vast tech world from a design-centric point of view. BLURRING THE LINES BETWEEN PHYSICAL & VIRTUAL REALITIES – Mixed reality melds the virtual and physical reality making the two into a singular cohesive environment. INTEGRATED TECH – Seamless interaction within everyday objects are now trending. Gone are the days of having clunky systems in plain view. Approachable components are getting smaller, more advanced and becoming embedded in subtle unexpected places, like intelligent sofas and activated T-shirts. Being able to incorporate the technical aspects of design into event environments makes for a fully immersive experience. Adam McCarthy ADVERTORIAL

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