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Michigan Avenue - 2016 - Issue 6 - Winter - Dwyane Wade

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Every morning I drive down Lake Shore Drive, I'm reminded of what I love most about this amazing city. The panoramic route is flanked on either side by majestic beauty. One organic and ever-changing, the other man-made and precise. This iconic drive typifies Chicago's role as muse – a living, breathing inspiration board for design. Second to none. And more than muse, Chicago has proven to be an ardent caretaker. The city has provided an ideal environment for me to launch my business, fostering each ambitious new dream of mine with resources, talent and opportunity. There is a collaborative nature among Chicagoans that is innate and palpable. Share a dream with others and watch them listen with keen interest, and a desire to nurture it. This is a world class market, fueled by Midwestern values and work ethic. Walk down any street in this city and say, "hello", and true locals look you in the eye and greet you back. Looking back over the past 20 years, I'm honored to have been invited to activate some of the most premier events throughout Chicago, and beyond. And the prospect of how the design industry will morph and evolve is exhilarating. But what will always humble me most, is having been welcomed into the hearts and homes of those who started out as clients and colleagues, and now are extended family. I can't imagine any other life, in any other city. Thank you Chicago. Heartfelt thanks, Chicago's Role as Muse ADVERTORIAL

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