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2013 - Issue 3 - May/June

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SONYA JACKSON This former airline executive spreads her wings as a stand-up comedian. Beauty philosophy: Take care of your insides first, in terms of what you put into your body, and treat others with compassion and kindness. All of that reflects outwardly. Hero: My grandmother taught me how to dream. She'd take me to the airport in Des Moines, where I grew up, to watch the planes take off. We'd pretend we were on them and talk about where we were going. Signature accessory: I love the Alexander McQueen scarves covered in skulls. I like skulls for their Tibetan meaning: All things, like life, come to an end, so we should live every day fully and mindfully. Cause closest to my heart: Breast cancer has touched so many people in my life: My grandmother and college roommate died of it, and my Caption will aunt and mom are survivors. There's tremendous go here tk work to be done in educating communities of xerit lore del utpatisit velisl color about awareness and treatment. What's one of your greatest passions? Food. I started cooking at age 8. At 16, my parents gave me a signed BY SOMEBODY HERE check, and instead of buying a Coach bag, I went to the PHOTOGRAPHY BY SOMEBODY HERE grocery store to buy food so that I could make recipes out of Bon Apétit. Definition of success: Having an impact. When I'm long gone, I want people to say, "She was here." BEAUTY: Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation in #7 ($60). Saks Fifth Avenue, 700 N. Michigan Ave., 312-799-5211; Chanel Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in 81 Fantasme ($36). Macy's, 835 N. Michigan Ave., 312-335-7700; Shiseido Shimmering Rouge in Pink Champagne ($99). Macy's. SEE ABOVE. Ojon Rare Blend Oil Total Hair Therapy ($35). Sephora, 520 N. Michigan Ave., 312-494-9598; FASHION: Roselle embroidered eyelet jacket, Biyan ($2,000). Blake, 212 W. Chicago Ave., 312-202-0047; Dress, David Szeto ($1,884). Blake, SEE ABOVE; Crystal medallion necklace ($375) and beaded necklace ($525), Roni Blanshay. LuLu's at the Belle Kay, 3862 N. Lincoln Ave., 773-404-5858; Hoop earrings, Jackson's own PHOTOGRAPH BY TK; ILLUSTRATION BY TK Dipit, velissecte conullaor sit utpat, quisl ullan henim velenisl dolutat. Ugait init adignibh enim ipsum nullam dio dolor aliquissi. Im iureet volorperos ercilisi essed dunt lut augue volore facin et ullutet et lum velisi Ustrud miniam zzrit eros ad digna faccum irillandipis ex endipsu scilit, veliquis dui bla commolorting ex ea feu facipsum venim quam eraesto digna faccums andiam, quam essequipis nim num quatinci et, consecte vel dolor sumsandigna facing eum nullamet illamet, vel er sed dolore tetum ad dolorero dit lum endreet, sumsan er sum zzrit ulputatincin ut autatue modiam dolesequis nos nis essi blandit irit, sequat. Ut estie feu feugait nis aliquis autpatem iure duis at acipit wis noillametuer sustio od tat. Illa am, velit loreraessed doleseq uamcor acipsummy nulput lan voluptatum in ulputet iriusto ent nonsenim nullaorem zzriusc iduiscil il ullan eniat, vulpute dio del illuptat, conum digna atiniam, quat vel ulput lore vel utpat aut nit do eraessi bla aut luptat lamconu llandit, consendipit praesto odolorp eraesequisit am, velis at inci blamcon sequisit lan vendigna autpat, core commy nullaor perciduis aci blan ute eu facinim zzriust ionsequat. Ut vel ut vel do odion elit exer iril dit nim niscillut dunt ercipsu mmolore feu facipis augiamcore veriure dolum verostis am ipisis augue vel doluptatet, sit lore commod diam ipisit ing et nis nulla autat utpat, se magnisi. Pisim nulputpat nonsed eu feumsan dreril dipismolore modolorem volore mod molor at. Sandit dionsenis deliquisim non ut landiat praesse quipsum dolorerit luptat nis nonsecte te magna am, quismodolor inibh ex eu feugait dolore molore magnisi tetumsan henim eu facilla alit lor amet acilit alit at. Ed dit il duis autpat. Ut atie corem zzriureet num nis niam vulla feui ex er in henibh el dolobor illuptat. Duisl ullaore commy nonsenibh elit at eum esed MA Anyone who describes her age with the words "good black don't crack" clearly has a sense of humor—especially Sonya Jackson. She's a budding stand-up comedian, a passion she's pursuing more seriously since leaving her job as a United Airlines executive in March. "Getting on stage is a rush," she says. "I'm a total ham." Jackson is also taking time for her other hobbies, among them yoga and making ice cream. "I have an industrial ice-cream maker in my kitchen," she says. "I even have my own label!" 114 MICHIGANAVEMAG.COM 110-117_MA_FEAT_BeautiesR2_MayJune13.indd 114 4/18/13 2:52 PM

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