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40 APPAREL AND ACCESSORIES : The most exclusive clothing and accoutrements—some found only at Wynn—make a splashy entrance on the Esplanade this season. by Rachel Felder ON A CLEAR SUMMER DAY, NEARLY A YEAR BEFORE STEVE WYNN ANNOUNCED A MAJOR TRANSFORMATION TO WYNN LAS VEGAS, namely that the golf course would be turned into a massive entertainment lake, he stood on the veranda of his villa overlooking the fairway and described his sweeping vision. Anyone familiar with the Steve Wynn ethos knows that he likes improvement—but loves reinvention. Describing how a showroom that had previously capped the resort's retail space on the west side would now open up into 75,000 square feet and two levels of luxurious new retail offerings wrapped around a sparkling oasis, he was doing the only predictable thing he's ever done—the unpredictable. And although Wynn Resorts attracts the best in luxury retail, a few new luxury boutiques provide a glamorous preview of what will be known as Wynn Plaza when it opens in early summer. "Our strategy and mission is really to curate a concentration of luxury retail that you can't find elsewhere under one roof," explains Frank Visconti, Wynn's Senior Vice President of Retail. "They're certainly on Fifth Avenue, they're all in the Rodeo Drive area, they're in Hong Kong, but you have to walk. Here we have them all within one resort." One you won't find elsewhere is Louis Vuitton Men, the brand's only freestanding store in America dedicated solely to gents. Located just off the casino floor, it is decorated with furniture specially chosen for the store, including chairs by Le Corbusier and Jean Prouvé and a table by Charlotte Perriand. The boutique, which opened in September, features an especially comprehensive selection of clothing, footwear, accessories, and, naturally, the brand's highly recognizable bags and small leather goods. Some exceptional items include a wheeled suitcase and matching carry-on duffel detailed with Vuitton-designed patches, and an extra- roomy tote divided into two halves that is something women may well end up purchasing for themselves. Look for the must-have item of the season, Vuitton's first-ever smartwatch, the Tambour Horizon, whose exclusive apps cater to contemporary jet-setters and is customizable via no fewer than 30 straps. Stefano Ricci, the opulent men's clothier that's a favorite of everyone from world leaders to movie stars, is another new entrant. The brand, founded in Florence, specializes in unique and exquisitely constructed takes on classics, like a hand-sewn jogging suit in bright red silk, trim crocodile briefcases meticulously crafted by hand, and a crisply tailored deerskin jacket finished with a collar of glossy black mink. There is also, as is always the case at Stefano Ricci's stores, a tailor on the premises to make sure that the fit on every garment is absolutely perfect. The shop's décor is as lavish as the items for sale inside: The floors, for example, were made from smooth Pietra Serena gray sandstone, the hand-worked material that was used to build palaces in Florence during the Renaissance; the 在一個晴朗的夏日,史提芬永利先生站在他的別墅陽台上俯瞰高爾夫 球場的球道,描述他的整體改造計劃,在差不多一年之前,他宣布要對永 利拉斯維加斯進行大型改造,把原有的高爾夫球場改造成一個大型的娛 樂表演湖。所有熟悉史提芬永利先生的思維方式的人都知道,他喜歡改善 事物,但更喜歡徹底地改造事物。他描述說,此前位於度假村西側零售商 店區域的的展示廳,如今會擴建成7.5萬平方英尺面積、兩層高的全新奢 侈品零售區域,四周圍繞著明亮的草地綠洲。他正在做唯一一件不會出乎 大家意料的事情 —那就是出乎大家的意料。永利度假村一直是眾多頂 級奢侈品零售店的匯聚之地,最近又再新增了許多奢華名店,從其中已經 能看出將於明年初夏開幕的永利廣場的華麗雛形。「我們的策略和使命是 把這裡變成奢侈品零售業的薈萃之地,而這種集中匯聚的程度是別處無 法比擬的,」永利的零售業高級副總裁Frank Viscont i解釋說,「當然了, 這些名店在紐約第五大道、比華利山的羅迪歐大道區域,或是在香港都 有,但你要走很長的路去逛。在永利,它們全都集中在一個度假村裡。」 其中在永利獨家開業的路易威登男裝店,是品牌在全美僅此一家 專售男士服飾的店鋪。店鋪毗鄰娛樂場樓層,店內的家具裝飾經過精心 特選,包括建築大師L e Corbusier和 Jean Prouvé設計的座椅,以及 Charlotte Perr iand設計的檯桌。店鋪已於9月份開業,出售的精選貨品 包括有服裝、鞋履、腕錶、配飾,當然還有品牌最受熱捧的經典款手袋和 各式小型皮具。店內出售的精品還包括有滾輪行李箱,配有 Vuitton設計 掛牌的手提行李袋,以及可分成兩格的超大容量手提袋,這款手提袋很可 能連女士們也想要買下來送給自己。而今季必買的貨品有路易威登的第一 款智能腕錶Tambour Hor izon,其獨家應用程式可滿足當代富豪玩家 的各種需求,並可定制超過30種錶帶款式。 Stefano R icci這個世界各國元首和電影明星們最愛的高級男裝品 牌也在永利新開了店鋪。品牌成立於佛羅倫薩,以獨特精緻的經典手工 設計聞名,比如手工縫製的鮮紅色絲質運動套裝,手工精心製作的鱷魚皮 公文袋,以及精緻剪裁的鹿皮外套,領口以充滿光澤的 黑色貂皮製作。 和所有的Stefano R icci店鋪一樣,店內設有專業裁縫,確保每件服裝都 能完美配合顧客的身形。店內的裝飾與銷售的貨品一樣格調高雅,例如地 板由光滑的P ietra Serena灰砂岩製成,這種手工打磨的材質在文藝復 興時期的佛羅倫薩曾用於建造宮殿,店鋪的貨架以黑色石楠木製成。座 椅使用優質鱷魚皮製作,是世界各地Stefano R icci店鋪的標誌性裝飾, 這家拉斯維加斯分店的椅子和沙發顏色選擇了鮮明的亮橙色。品牌創意 總監Filippo R icci說:「對於意大利人來說,拉斯維加斯是美國能讓人 時裝與飾品 各種頂級時裝與配飾今季在永利名店街精彩亮相,其 中不少款式只在永利獨家發售。 by Rachel Felder

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