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Vegas - 2017 - Issue 4 - Fall - Elizabeth Olsen

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customers to build their collections. e best watches for starting a collection, he says, "can be worn every day and are appropriate for any occasion—to work with a suit, to a night on the town, and to the beach." en diversify by your needs, adding a GMT for travel, or a watch with a power reserve. "Collections that I've enjoyed the most are brands that have a rich history and continue to innovate," he says—key markers that distinguish collectible pieces from the rest. "It's impossible to pick just one, but of the brands that we are authorized dealers for, I would say the following two are favorites: Overseas by Vacheron Constantin and the Portugieser by IWC." e perfect starter piece for women? "A pair of diamond studs. " ey are versatile, never go out of style, can be worn every day, and are timeless," he says. Most importantly when starting a collection, he says, do a bit of research and establish your style. "Spend some time reading and learning about the diff erent watch manufacturers or jewelry designers. Is it more about the name, look or functionality?" And of course, don't forget that a timeless collection is also an investment, he says. "You have a lifetime to purchase these goods, and what's most important is that you are able to hand these items down from generation to generation, as they are timeless and in many cases, may appreciate in value." e fro Clockwise from left: Clockwise from left: w at V A window at Van A window at Van f & Arpel Cleef & Arpels in Cleef & Arpels in ops a Forum Shops and its Forum Shops and its oom; L private room; Lange private room; Lange n Phase i 1 Moon Phase in 18K 1 Moon Phase in 18K d by A white gold by A.Lange white gold by A.Lange , $40 & Söhne, $40,900, & Söhne, $40,900, Jewe Bellusso Jewelers, Bellusso Jewelers, ewele

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