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Vegas - 2017 - Issue 4 - Fall - Elizabeth Olsen

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PORTRAIT BY EMILY WILSON Among the four jewelry and watch stores in the Las Vegas Luxury Holdings kingdom, president and COO Alan Bekhor could help you start a collection from any number of luxury brands. He recommends starting with passion. By Judy Stone A lan Bek hor believes love for jewelr y and watches is the key to building a cohesive collection. " e most enjoyable part of the business for me is being able to off er merchandise that people love," says the 40-year-old president and COO of LV Lu xur y Holdings, which owns Bellusso in Palazzo, Ca'd'Oro (Venetian & Pa l a z z o), Horolog io ( Vene t i a n), and Van Cleef & Arpels at e Forum Shops at Caesars. "It's always a happy moment in our clients' lives when they come in the store and walk away with a f ine timepiece or beautiful piece of jewelry." Bekhor knows a thing or two about coveted watches and jewelry; he joined his father Ezra Bekhor's company 17 years ago. But it wasn't always his plan. "I grew up in Los Angeles and the jewelry business was exclusively in Las Vegas," he says. "I really saw the business only when we took family vacations to Las Vegas and my father would take me with him to the stores. It wasn't until 1999, when my father opened his fi rst store at Venetian, Ca'd'Oro, and I was out of college and working in another industry did this ever cross my mind. He had added many luxury and well-known Swiss brands such as Omega and Tag Heuer that piqued my interest." Bekhor and his teams now regularly work with BE JEWELED joined his father Ezra Bekhor's company S T Y L E & B E A U T Y a r b i t e r eft: Alan Clockwise from left: Alan n Contantin Bekhor; Vacheron Contantin hin Perpetual Overseas Ultra-Thin Perpetual K white gold Calendar in 18K white gold, Calendar in 18K white gold, Calendar in 18K white gold, $90,100; IWC Schaffhausen $90,100; IWC Schaffhausen Portugieser Automatic in Portugieser Automatic in stainless steel, $12,700. Both stainless steel, $12,700. Both available at Bellusso Jewelers, available at Bellusso Jewelers, 5 4 V E G A S S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 7 | M O D E R N L U X U R Y . C O M

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