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Vegas - 2017 - Issue 4 - Fall - Elizabeth Olsen

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N O W I N V E G A S II DIVO PHOTO BY MARCELLO AMBRIZ WAKE UP, SAY OM Out-of-towners may think mornings in Vegas are for hangover brunches or sleeping off the night before. But a new travel trend is hitting town that promises to help visitors leave a little healthier: wellness travel. at fl avor of tourism— which boosts your mental, physical and social well-being—is growing 50 percent faster than the overall tourism industry, according to a Virtuoso Travel study. Vegas is taking action by off ering a handful of top-notch wellness experiences for travelers and locals alike. Here are three of our favorites. –ME CUT YOUR BALL AND CHAIN The average person views their phone 84 times a day, according to scientists in the UK. Enter Mandarin Oriental's digital detox program. You'll turn in your phone upon check-in, then spend the weekend taking yoga, meditation and healthy meal prep classes—all while decompressing from your hyperconnected lifestyle. Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas, 702.590.8881, WAKE AND MOVE Venetian offers sunrise yoga in its 1.2-acre, Venetian lagoon pool space. You'll build strength, stamina and fl exibility while centering yourself before a long day (and night) on the Las Vegas Strip. Canyon Ranch Spa Club at Venetian Las Vegas, 702.414.3600, "OM" AT THE MOON Not all wellness activities happen at dawn. Every full moon, Red Rock hosts a nighttime gong meditation in a secluded area of its beautiful spa pool deck. The session is led by Cosmin from the RYK Meditation Center. Red Rock Spa by Well & Being, 11011 W. Charleston Blvd., 702.797.7878, TOP NOTES SOCIAL WELLNESS THIS IS THEIR NIGHT The international quar tet Il Divo—tenor Urs Buhler of Switzerland, baritone Carlos Marin of Spain, pop ar tist Sébastien Izambard of France and tenor David Miller from Denver, Colo.—has broken gold and platinum sales records in more than 33 countries. Their six shows star ting Sept. 20 take place in Venetian Theatre, site of the old Sands Hotel's Copa Room. We asked Miller what we can expect: How does it feel to perform on the same grounds that the Rat Pack played 50 years ago? ey were all huge superstars, but the sum was still greater than its parts, and that's how we feel. We all had various careers and then we got into a room and something magical happened. ere is no holding a candle to Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. But we do have a guy who has a big ol' curl in the middle of his forehead: Carlos and Dean Martin have a similar look going on! (Laughs) Is there anything you want to experience while you're in town? I like to play craps! That's kind of win some, lose some. Urs would want to catch a show or two. But we're going to be performing every evening so the cha llenge will be f inding stuff in the daytime, and Carlos is just not a daytime person. What makes this mini-residency at the Venetian unique? is will be the fi rst time we've had a residency anywhere. I think that we're going to connect more with the audience [than usual], because sometimes when you're in a different city every day, speaking a diff erent language every day, there's only a certain amount you can let them in. What I can say is that people are going to walk away and say, "Why didn't these guys come to Vegas sooner?" Il Divo - is is Your Night: Live in Las Vegas, Sept. 20-30, venetian. com –Spencer Lubitz Il Divo has amassed 160 gold and platinum awards in 33 countries with 30 million album sales, and can sing to us anytime. 4 0 V E G A S S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 7 | M O D E R N L U X U R Y . C O M

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