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Vegas - 2017 - Issue 4 - Fall - Elizabeth Olsen

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18 V E G A S S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 7 | M O D E R N L U X U R Y . C O M DSQUARED2 PHOTO BY BOB METELUS; "SKINNY DIPPING" PHOTO BY NATHAN MYHRVOLD CONTENTS | Departments 12 LETTER FROM THE PUBLISHER 14 LETTER FROM THE EDITOR 16 GET THE LOOK 30 CONTR IBUTOR S 32 THE LIST NOW IN VEGA S 35 SPOTL IGHT Treat you rself to a cu rated cocktail w ith the click of a button at The Tipsy Robot. 36 NOW Instag ra m duo Da ni Capps a nd Sloa n Hadf ield 's empowering new ma keup line ; Modernist Cuisine Ga l ler y opens in The Foru m Shops ; a new morning -af ter rit ua l ; a nd more. SOCIETY & CULTUR E 43 SPOTL IGHT R ay mond Pettibon's provocative work is on display at MCQ Fine A rt. 44 ON THE SCE NE Vegas magazine toasts to 14 yea rs w ith fa m ilia r faces ; Bel lusso Jewelers celebrates the JCK jewel r y industr y show w ith its a n nua l soiree ; a nd more. 50 AGE NDA Watch May weather a nd McG regor bat tle it out ; da nce a l l day ( a nd n ight ) at the i Hea r tR ad io Music Festiva l ; a nd more. STYLE & BE AUTY 53 SP O TL IG HT I ndu l g e i n a n ex per ience r ich i n icon ic g la mou r at t he new S pa Met ropole by G i venchy i n Monte C a rlo, Mon aco. 54 A R BITER Sta rt you r watch col lection w ith A la n Bek hor of LV Lu x u r y Holdings. 56 SHOPS Stroll down memory lane with Sex and the City lovers' favorite shoemaker, Sarah Jessica Parker; Get "glunge" with the Caten brothers at their newest DSQUAR ED2 store. 60 WATCHES The long time relationship bet ween Rolex a nd the golf world was on f u l l display at this yea r's Masters Tou rna ment in Aug usta , Ga . 62 WH AT I WA NT NOW Dig ita l diva Ca ra Sa nta na ta l k s a bout her new app a nd dishes on her beaut y faves. 36 58 62

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