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Vegas - 2017 - Issue 3 - Summer - Tyson Beckford

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corporate to look at the numbers, but I came back for the guys. Even when I was doing something else but I was in town, I'd leave the hottest party, come over, and run backstage. John Cook—one of the main choreographers—would be like, "You want to get up there?" And I'd be like, "Can I? Can I?" And it would be a surprise to the audience. I did it a few times, and it was so fun. You've done pretty much all things. Anything you haven't done? There's still that lingering Dancing with the Stars. They've asked me to do it. They've chased down personal friends of mine, and I'm like, "How do they know?" I want to do it. It's just the timing. They want you when they want you. I'm going back to doing some movies this year. My next one is supposed to be a comedy. That one I'm really looking forward to doing. The working title is Drunken Zombie Apocalypse, so you can imagine what that one's like. Isn't that every night in Vegas? Drunken Zombie Apocalypse? That would be a great one to film in Vegas. Maybe part 2 we'll do here. Ian [Ziering, who also hosted Chippendales] ran off and did Sharknado. It was a silly movie but it took off. Maybe I'm walking in his footsteps. They filmed Sharknado 4 in Vegas… The sharks are attacking on the roof of the Stratosphere, and the Chippendales are fighting them off with their crotches. John Cook pelvis thrusts and the shark goes f lying [laughs]. How old were you when you started modeling? My mother pushed me into modeling when I was 13. At that time, I was more concerned with BMX bikes, skateboarding, hanging out with my friends. Once in a while, they'd have these fashion shows, and I'd jump in because they needed a teenage boy. But then I got so involved in playing high school sports that I'd be like, "Mom, I don't have time for that. I've gotta go lift weights." I was being groomed to be a runway model from age 13, and didn't really think about it until right now. You literally represented the changing face of American fashion. In the '90s, I was a big Ralph Lauren model. It was that skateboarding, WASPy, kid from the Hamptons look. There weren't too many guys of color on the runway, you know? I don't think they were even looking at guys of color at the time. But I look back and I think, Wow, I really did something back then. It was groundbreaking. When you started out , were you worried about getting typecast? I think so, and that's what motivated me to do something they wouldn't expect you to do. Every time I get a script, I look at it and I say, "Is this something I've done before?" I don't want to just play the handsome guy. I've always thought that just when they think they know who you are, you've got to go do something different that takes you to another level. . VEGASMAGAZINE.COM  75 Leather jacket, Tod's ($4,395). The Forum Shops at Caesars, 702-792- 1422; T-shirt, John Varvatos ($178). The Forum Shops at Caesars, 702-939-0922; Pants, Seven For All Mankind ($249). Saks Fifth Avenue, Fashion Show, 702- 733-8300; Braided ring belt, Michael Kors (price on request). The Grand Canal Shoppes, 702-731-2510; Bracelet, John Hardy ($795). Saks Fifth Avenue, see above Styling by Jason Klaiber Grooming by Song Lopez at The Batterman Group 1966 Dodge Hemi Charger provided by Celebrity Cars Las Vegas. 7770 Dean Martin Dr., Suite 301, 702-818- 1031;

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