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Vegas - 2017 - Issue 3 - Summer - Tyson Beckford

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South, and they said, "We saw you on The View [he appeared April 12], and we just had to come see you." When you get stuff like that, you kind of melt. It's a really blessed thing to go out on a show like that and have your friends call you up and people on the street say, "Oh, I just saw you on The View, I just saw you on Dr. Oz." What do you think it takes to stay relevant for so many years? I'm not doing anything special—I'm just being me! I look at kids on social media, and I say, "What's your talent? Can you act? Can you sing?" We grew up watching people like Michael Jackson and Prince. They had so much talent and they changed the world musically and gave back to charities and in disasters. What have these people done? What is their contribution? Why is it you have more follow- ers than a Nobel Peace Prize winner? Do you watch reality TV? I'll watch it and I just laugh. And then I go back to the reality of what life really is. My reality TV is watching MSNBC and CNN. I want to know what Kim Jong-un's doing. This is your third run as the celebrity host of Chippendales. How did it come about? They have this secret list. And you probably won't ever get to see this list, but that's their wish list. I remember as a kid in New York walking by their theater and thinking, Oh, they're in great shape. Someday I'd like to look like that—never thinking that one day I would be one of those guys. People say, "You're a supermodel, how come you're doing that?" And I say it's because I got bored of doing the supermodel thing. I like doing different things. I don't want to be a stereotype. I say to myself each night when I get offstage, "They're actually paying me to have fun?" You know, these ladies come in to the f lirt lounge and they say, "You look like you're having so much fun up there." You can't fake that. I'm surrounded by these guys who eat and sleep this. You have to respect it, because they take it so seriously. Muscle memory puts them in the same place every time to perfect every move, every turn, every f lip, and every gesture. I watch James Davis, John House, and John Cook, and they're precise and consistent every night. They make it look so effortless, but they put in so much work to be so consistent. Are you having more fun than they are? I think so! I really think so! I'm laughing, I'm giggling. This is my third time around, and I think it's more fun than the first time. You broke box office records in your first stints with Chippendales—is that why you came back? I don't look at the numbers. I know it's good for "I REMEMBER AS A KID IN NEW YORK WALKING BY THE [CHIPPENDALES] THEATER AND THINKING, OH, THEY'RE IN GREAT SHAPE. SOMEDAY I'D LIKE TO LOOK LIKE THAT—NEVER THINKING THAT ONE DAY I WOULD BE ONE OF THOSE GUYS." 72  VEGASMAGAZINE.COM

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