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Vegas - 2017 - Issue 3 - Summer - Tyson Beckford

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58  VEGASMAGAZINE.COM PHOTOGRAPHY BY MICHAEL SLOSAR (PRATTES); ABC/GUY D'ALEMA (DIRTY DANCING STILL) above: Las Vegas native Colt Prattes headlines ABC's new adaptation of Dirty Dancing premiering May 24. inset: If you've seen the original movie's "lift" scene a thousand times, Prattes and co-star Abigail Breslin have a new one to fall in love with. There's a new Johnny Castle in the Catskills—this time played by Las Vegas native Colt Prattes. Last seen in Vegas as Stacee Jaxx in Rock of Ages, Prattes's has landed his biggest role yet—opposite Abigail Breslin—in ABC's Dirty Dancing re-creation. Where were you when you got the role? I was on the fourth floor of the Wynn parking structure, dropping my wife off because she was doing ShowStoppers. I got a call from the director and we jumped out of the car and started running in circles screaming. How did you prepare? I went to a lot of dance classes. I didn't know anything about samba or tango or mambo or any of that. How long did it take you to perfect the lift? You never perfect that lift. You can do it a million times. I've done versions of that lift my entire dance [career]. It took until the moment [Breslin] knew that I wouldn't let anything happen to her, and the moment I knew she was capable and would do her part. How daunting is it to take on such an iconic role? The only thing I can say is that I loved Patrick Swayze. I just wanted to do what I felt he did, which was approach [the role] with his heart open. You can't do better than Patrick Swayze—that should never be the goal. I just hope that people get something from it the way I got something from what he did. . STAR OF ABC'S NEW DIRTY DANCING REMAKE COLT PRATTES GETS REAL ABOUT TAKING ONE OF HOLLYWOOD'S ICONIC ROLES. BY LAUREN EPSTEIN COLT FOLLOWING SCENE NATIVE STARS

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