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Vegas - 2017 - Issue 3 - Summer - Tyson Beckford

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Follow me on Instagram at @andreabennettink and on PHOTOGRAPHY BY DENISE TRUSCELLO (BECKFORD) Last month, I was locked up inside Graff Diamonds in Wynn, which is a spectacular problem to have. It had been transformed into an enchanted garden to celebrate both its jewelry collection of the same name and to give Graff the opportunity to present the Las Vegas Philharmonic with a significant contribution. I'm only sorry they let me out at the end of the evening. (Beautiful emerald cabo- chon ring, we will meet again.) Graff is taking its garden of jewels to a very few cities, but the experience in Las Vegas was unique: Dining in a dreamscape with casino looky-loos peering through the windows is something I think we can agree could happen only in Vegas. In fact, if we've reached the point at which Instagram hashtags most succinctly describe our goings on, #onlyinve- gas is a pretty decent maxim for my own past month. There was the day I caravanned with Tyson Beckford and a fashion crew to the Eldorado Dry Lake Bed, followed by the 1966 Dodge Charger that appears in our cover story, hauled out on a flatbed truck courtesy of its owners Celebrity Cars (thank you, Celebrity!). A week later, Tyson had his own #onlyinvegas moment as we talked politics and superstardom at the Fatburger on the Strip and a mobile billboard with a giant Tyson Beckford image drove by. (A super fan, spotting him during our lunch, also had an #onlyinvegas moment when he took a dozen pictures with her to prove to the folks back home that she'd met the superstar on her first trip here!) Taking a picture with Cher to commemorate our Late Spring issue whose cover she graced? That counts! I often remind myself that those of us who live here are spoiled every day with the weird and wacky moments that make Vegas great, and summer is the best time to experi- ence them. So go create a few #onlyinvegas memories of your own. Happy summer! FROM LEFT: On our cover shoot, Tyson Beckford summoned his experience as a host on "Make Me a Supermodel" to stage this 90's-era fake Polo Jeans ad. (What you don't see: me doubled over laughing in 6 of the 7 shots.); Our events marketing manager, Jalynn Russell, and I attended the always- incredible Fashion for Three Square event at Diana Bennett's home. ANDR EA BENNETT Cher and I took a picture together to celebrate her phenomenal cover for our Late Spring issue. LETTER FROM THE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF 24 VEGASMAGAZINE.COM

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