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PHOTOGRAPHY BY KATE HOLSTEIN BREATH OF FRESH AIR VALLEY-BORN "IT" COUPLE BRITTANY AND COLTER VAN DOMELEN ARE TURNING A YOGA STUDIO INTO A BEACON OF HEALTH. BY TESS WEAVER STROKES After they had their twins in New York City last summer, Roaring Fork Valley natives Brittany and Colter Van Domelen wasted no time bringing the "Van Dumplings" (as they're known around Aspen) home to Colorado. One day, after their morning routine of hiking the Ute and getting coffee at Victoria's, they passed by 408 South Mill Street, a 60-year-old, town-favorite building designed by Fritz Benedict. "There was a little for sale sign, and after walking by it several times, I realized it would be the perfect location for O2 Aspen," says Brittany, 31, who had wanted to relocate the yoga and Pilates studio she purchased in 2015. "As a new owner, I had new visions, but a lot of those visions were hard to achieve in the space I was in." So the couple bought the place, and, working with Brittany's father, Bill Pollock of Aspen's Zone 4 Architects, and her interior designer friend Kristin Dittmar, put forth a plan: bright, modern yoga and Pilates spaces with natural light and beautiful views, 1,553 square feet of street-level retail space, three basement-floor treatment rooms, and a health-food café (Brittany has celiac disease and is passionate about nutrition)—all next to Wagner Park, the Pedestrian Mall, and the Ruby Park Transit Center, which serves 5 million riders each year. All that foot traffic means a boon for health and wellness in the valley, especially coming out of the building that formerly housed Aspen's McDonald's. Partner pose: Aspen natives Colter and Brittany Van Domelen are bringing yoga, health, and wellness to the center of town, converting a historic building into the new O2 Aspen studio. 64  ASPENPEAK-MAGAZINE.COM SCENE DYNAMIC DUO

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