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PHOTOGRAPHY BY DOLOMITE-SUMMITS/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM (MOUNTAIN BIKING); COURTESY OF STAGES CYCLING (CRANK AND POWER METER); COURTESY OF THERAGUN (THERAGUN G1). OPPOSITE PAGE: JOHNNY ADOLPHSON/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM (CAMPFIRE); COURTESY OF GARMIN (SATELLITE EXPLORER); COURTESY OF ROSS REELS (EVOLUTION R) SPORT GEAR UP 124 ASPENPEAK-MAGAZINE.COM treatments like compression therapy and massage. 501 Rio Grande Pl., Ste. 105, 970-366- 4890;; MUST-HAVE #2: URSACK BEAR SACK The lightest soft-sided bear bag approved by the White River National Forest office, the waterproof and puncture-proof Ursack ($80–$95), at half the weight of traditional canisters, MUST-HAVE #1: THERAGUN G1 RECOVERY TOOL Aspen's athletes know the secret to effective training is all about recovery. The new TheraGun G1, a handheld device that uses percussive, pain-free force to increase blood flow, helps muscles recover more quickly—which means fewer down days between activities. Sold online (from $599), the TheraGun is also a fixture at The Fix Body Therapy ($25 for 10 minutes), where it is often used in conjunction with other Light, portable, and delivering quick results, this season's high-tech sports items promise to enhance your summer activities. From muscle recovery guns to power meters and satellite communicators, here are the six in-demand gadgets for optimal summer performance. Get in gear: Boulder-based Stages Cycling makes its torque-measuring carbon fiber power meters for all different types and brands of bicycle components, including FSA cranks (BELOW) and Campagnolo's Record drivetrain (BOTTOM LEFT). BOTTOM CENTER: The TheraGun G1 muscle recovery tool means faster recovery—and less downtime. ALL SYSTEMS GO MEET THE MUST-HAVE, TECH- HEAVY GEAR THAT'S FUELING ASPEN'S ENHANCED SUMMER SPORTS PERFORMANCE. BY TESS WEAVER STROKES recovery—and less downtime. provides ultrasafe backcountry storage for food and valuables thanks to a proprietary laminat- ing process of bulletproof Spectra and Kevlar fabrics. Aspen Expeditions, 133 Prospector Road, Ste. 4115, 970-925-7625; aspen MUST-HAVE #3: STAGES CYCLING POWER METER Forget heart rate monitors— power meters show exactly what you're getting out of your training. Downright miniature, weighing less than an energy gel packet, and made from the same material as bulletproof glass, Boulder-based Stages Cycling 's power meter ($550), installed on your bike's crank arm, is the first on the market to use Bluetooth Smart protocol. With no external or moving parts, a waterproof housing, and a user-replaceable battery,

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