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PHOTOGRAPHY BY C2 PHOTOGRAPHY ON THE ROCKS THIS WINTER, TOWN'S COCKTAIL MENUS TAKE A LIGHTER TURN. BY TIM LATTERNER In Aspen bars, winter means whiskey, sure, as well as hot cocktails and spiked ciders. But this season, town's best bars are also touting lighter, more refreshing drinks mixed over ice—and with "sunnier" spirits. TEQUILA With a warm, south-of-the- border vibe, Casa Tua (403 S. Galena St., 970- 920-7277; casatualifestyle .com) is a go-to for tequila cocktails. The Scogliera blends tequila, Aperol, Cointreau, and lime juice into a refreshing reminder of beach days past. "It's a cocktail on the lighter side," says manager Christine Rueggeberg—a delicious counterpart to the "heavy, sugar-based cocktails often expected for the season." BOURBON Still, a classic is a classic: Nothing beats the cold quite like warming whiskey. In town, Justice Snow's (328 E. Hyman Ave., 970-429- 8192; offers the ultimate delivery: Justice at the Alamo, featuring Breckenridge bourbon, rye, Scotch, peach bitters, amaro, and Punt e Mes. According to bar- tender Danny Selig, "The warming blend of smoke, spic e, citrus, and peach is what makes this cocktail perfect for winter." . 78 ASPENPEAK-MAGAZINE.COM A midwinter night's dream: Xavier's White Cosmopolitan, at Element 47, combats wintertime chill with the light, floral flavors—and looks, what with purple flowers from The Little Nell garden pressed into its ice sphere—of summer. SCENE DRINK UP! VODKA Come winter, Element 47 (675 E. Durant Ave., 970-920- 6330; mixes up a surprising cold-weather warmer. Xavier's White Cosmopolitan, made with vodka, St-Germain, and white cranberry and lime juices, offers a blast of light florals and fruit. "What makes Xavier's White Cosmopolitan a great winter cocktail is how easy it is to drink," says bar manager Ricardo Leyvas, "with the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, capped by floral aromas [of] summer wildflowers."

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