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PHOTOGRAPHY BY TK; ILLUSTRATION BY TK Town tall: While CP's restaurant concepts are first informed by their spaces, it's the fresh, sumptuous fare—such as a braised rabbit poutine with cheese curds, house-cut fries, and dijon mustard gravy, at The Monarch—that helps the group's properties stand out in a crowded downtown dining scene. SECRET RECIPE WITH A PROPRIETARY BLEND OF HUSTLE AND BUSTLE, CRAIG AND SAMANTHA CORDTS-PEARCE STEER TOWN'S EVER-COMPETITIVE RESTAURANT SCENE. BY CHRISTINE BENEDETTI How do you find inspiration for four dining spots while giving each one its own identity? The actual space speaks to the cuisine and concept that we'll do. Like when we were reconceptualizing Brexi into The Monarch, we wanted to give it a new kick, what with that side of town being rejuvenated. We tried to think what would be a good concept other than a French restau- rant. If you look at the space, it wouldn't In a literal sense, Craig and Samantha Cordts-Pearce have just about cornered the restaurant market in Aspen: At least one of their establishments can be found on just about every block downtown. Since entering the scene with the Mediterranean Wild Fig in 2003, the couple has added two high-end steakhouses, Steakhouse No. 316 and The Monarch, and CP Burger, a diner-style joint with a classic feel. That quartet makes CP Restaurant Group the largest single-owner group in Aspen (and largest overall behind Aspen Skiing Company). Here, Samantha Cordts-Pearce talks about self-focus, honoring space, and the power of hustle. "WE DON'T REALLY PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT OTHER PEOPLE DO. I FEEL LIKE WE HELP TO KEEP THE BAR HIGH IN TOWN, WHETHER WE INFLUENCE OTHERS OR NOT." —samantha cordts-pearce PHOTOGRAPHY BY ROSS DANIELS 68  ASPENPEAK-MAGAZINE.COM SCENE DINE

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