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Aspen Peak - 2016 - Issue 2 - Winter

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160 // THE GUIDE The insider knowledge for staying in town's mountain-mod hotels—or buying your own ski-in hideaway... SPORT 165 // LIGHTS, CAMERA, SKI! Jesse James Hoffman points his lens homeward. 168 // RIDE THE SKY Aspen's above-mountain activities take flight. 170 // GET IN GEAR! Upgrade your ski equipment with these three high-tech must-haves. 172 // THE GUIDE Run, ride, bike, climb! Aspen is always on the move. ASPEN INSPIRED… 184 // MOUNTAIN HOME Typical of Aspen's institutions, the recently completed Bucksbaum Campus integrates—into town, the mountains, the Aspen sensibility. 142 Surrounded on three sides by National Forest and BLM Land, 530-acre Inyanga Ranch is tucked away below the Flat Tops Wilderness Area. 165 Emerging ski director and photographer Jesse James Hoffman keeps focus on his Roaring Fork Valley home. PHOTOGRAPHY BY ROBERT MILLMAN (INYANGA); JESSE JAMES HOFFMAN (SKIER) ON THE COVER: Nacho Figueras Photography Norm Clasen 32 ASPENPEAK-MAGAZINE.COM CONTENTS WIN TER 2016/2017

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