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PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY OF OAKLEY (HELMET); COURTESY OF GOPRO (CAMERA, SNOWBOARDER); BY MARK WELSH/COURTESY OF SMITH (GOGGLES) MUST-HAVE #3: GOPRO HERO 5 The micro-camera that can do it all just keeps getting better: The newest GoPro, the Hero 5, is voice activated and comes with a remote control. That means no more fumbling around to press record in the cold—just say the command and all those glorious powder turns will live on in infamy. Plus, its two-inch display puts on-site editing in the palm of your hand. . MUST-HAVE #2: OAKLEY MOD 5 HELMET All mountain-goers know Oakley goggles, but this winter marks the company's first foray into the helmet market. The Mod 5 is designed to work seamlessly with Oakley goggles for both perfect fit and ventilation. Equipped with industry-leading MIPS technology, it's also designed for maximum protec- tion. Plus, like all Oakley wares, it looks good while doing it. All items are available at Aspen Sports, 408 E. Cooper Ave., 970- 925-6331; MUST-HAVE #1: SMITH CHROMAPOP GOGGLE LENSES The human eye, you may not know, blurs blue, green, and red wave- lengths when they cross one another in our visual spectrum. Enter Smith's ChromaPop, a patented lens design that separates the hues to create clearer and more colorful visuals. While the technology is already integrated into the eyewear com- pany's sunglasses, this winter marks its goggle debut. Being on-mountain is about being one with nature, but skiers and snowboarders now thrill as much at tech advances as at newfound couloirs. Crystal clear vision, lighter-than-air protection, voice- controlled recording: Here are this snow season's best tech upgrades. 170 ASPENPEAK-MAGAZINE.COM i ts goggle debut. Toy tools: The lastest techy gear has come to define the on-mountain experience—this winter, that means (CLOCKWISE FROM BELOW) the ultra-light Oakley Mod 5 helmet ($200); waterproof GoPro Hero5 Black camera ($399); and Smith's I/O goggles featuring the brand's ultra-vivid ChromaPop lens technology ($180). GET IN GEAR! UPGRADE YOUR EQUIPMENT AS WELL AS YOUR GAME WITH THIS SNOW SEASON'S TOP THREE MUST-HAVES. BY CHRISTINE BENEDETTI SPORT HI-TECH

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