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166 ASPENPEAK-MAGAZINE.COM PHOTOGRAPHY BY JESSE JAMES HOFFMAN (SKIERS); NEAL BEIDLEMAN (HOFFMAN) CLOCKWISE FROM FAR LEFT: JoAnna Coffey rips down Aspen Mountain's Kristi trail in the early-morning light; Willis Brown on the mountain's backside; Hoffman teaches rappeling to an Aspen Middle School class; Haley Hoffman exits the "white room" on the Face of Bell. What was the inspiration for The Process? We didn't want to make a film about a professional skier or a destination. The ski-film industry is shifting; people are getting tired of watching ski porn. We focused on making some- thing soulful that the every- day skier could relate to. Why did you decide to shoot exclusively in the Elk Mountains? With a two-month window, we didn't have time to plan an expedition. Plus, our favorite mountains are in our backyard. There is plenty of adventure to be had right here. Looking at these mountains under a microscope—trying to catch every glimmering snow- flake—reassured my passion for where I live. Do you prefer shooting stills or video? I've always been more interested in photography, but now it's shifting toward video, which can be more gratifying. You see hundreds of photos every day, so the power of a photograph, in a sense, is sort of dying. You can tell a story more vividly [through video]. How did growing up in Aspen foster your photography? Nature-based outdoors education contributes to an extreme appreciation for your surroundings and being a steward of the land. I ski-raced growing up, so I had been on the other side of the lens as an athlete. It occurred to me that I wanted to create the image more than be the image. I landed my first cover [ Ski magazine] when I was 23 and started getting images published. Freelance photography is a hustle, but those who work in the outdoors industry aren't doing it for the money. People do their best work when they do what makes them happy—being outside shooting makes me happy. What's next? There are a few ideas growing for personal projects, so it will be exciting to see where those go. Beyond that, I'm just going with the flow. I've found that taking opportu- nities when they present themselves and letting things happen usually works out for the best. . "LOOKING AT THESE MOUNTAINS UNDER A MICROSCOPE—TRYING TO CATCH EVERY GLIMMERING SNOWFLAKE—REASSURED MY PASSION FOR WHERE I LIVE." —JESSE JAMES HOFFMAN SPORT SPOTLIGHT

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