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Aspen Peak - 2016 - Issue 2 - Winter

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Mountain metropolitan (clockwise from above): The dichotomy between modern design and rugged materials helps establish Michael and Sabrina Rudin's city-country aesthetic; neutral walls allow a budding art collection to shine; says Sabrina, "I put my foot down" with the open kitchen design, which features light oak cabinets and marble counters. Michael and Sabrina Rudin know how Aspen can pull at the heartstrings. Like many, they began visiting town as children with their parents. After college, each moved to Aspen, in 2008, to spend just one winter. They finally met, after that ski season, when Michael was making his name in real estate development—the family business back in Manhattan, his hometown— with his firm, Rudin West Development. It was four years later, atop his first commercial project, a new mixed-use construction at the corner of Spring and Hopkins, that he and Sabrina would start the rest of their lives together. Having leased the first two floors, Michael planned to sell the three-bedroom, 2,000-square-foot pent- house—that is, before he proposed to Sabrina on the rooftop on a bright spring day, in 2012, against the beautiful views of Aspen Mountain. "Once you propose on a rooftop," says Sabrina, "you can't just give up that rooftop." The Spring Building, as the development became known, turned into home. (It also turned into busi- ness—Sabrina, a budding vegetarian restaurateur, partnered with chef Blanca Salas to open the beloved FOR HIS DEVELOPMENTS AROUND TOWN, REAL ESTATE ENTREPRENEUR MICHAEL RUDIN TAKES HIS CUES FROM HIS ASPEN HOME. BY AMIEE WHITE BEAZLEY NEW YORK WEST 156  ASPENPEAK-MAGAZINE.COM PHOTOGRAPHY BY SHAWN O'CONNOR SPACE INSIDE VIEW

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