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PHOTOGRAPHY BY RANKIN (NICKI DRESS); TRISH WARD (QUEEN DRESS) Agatha and Kourou minidresses, come in an off-white designed specifi- cally for the brand's Aspen clientele. That means skiers off the slopes can slip into something infinitely more stylish than jeans and flannel, but just as comfort- able. 424 E. Cooper Ave., 970-925-2272; . With the tagline "the original stretch leather," Jitrois puts comfort in clothes not usually known for it. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Heidi Klum—both frequent visitors to Aspen—have been spotted in the brand's leather-based designs, and now the rest of town is catching on to the sleek, stylish aesthetic, making Jitrois Aspen's de rigueur off-the-slopes wear. Designer Jean Claude Jitrois has taken the idea that a leather jacket can be both protective and flamboyant and applied it to an entire collection, resulting in pieces that reflect his fascination with fashion and psychology. They're also undeniably sexy. "We accentuate a woman's silhouette in all the right places," says Mauricio Hoyos, general manager of Jitrois Aspen, about the skin-tight, made-for-any-event black leather pants and strappy leather corset-style tops. But the shop, one of just two in the States (the flagship is in New York, with a Miami outpost settling in this winter), also lightens the palette for the mountain-town fashionista. While every piece in the collection can be custom- made, some, like the SKIN-TIGHT ASPEN SEX APPEAL STARTS WITH JITROIS'S TAILORED LEATHER AND SUEDE. BY CHRISTINE BENEDETTI 102 ASPENPEAK-MAGAZINE.COM Cling and conform: The clothes come to feel like a "second layer," says GM Mauricio Hoyos of Jitrois's stretch leather wear, including (FROM LEFT) the embroidered suede Nicki dress ($3,770) and lambskin Queen dress with silk and sequins ($6,500), both from the current Autumn/Winter collection. STYLE SPOTLIGHT

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