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70 m a i s o n - o b j e t. c o m m i a m i m&O m&O Laurent, Alice and Olivia, and Diane von Furstenberg. The Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami is building a per ma nent home in t he Desig n Dist r ict , feat ur ing more than 20,0 0 0 square feet of galler y space and a 15,000 -square-foot public sculpture garden. The area is already home to the esteemed de la Cruz Collection. A r t is ever y where you t u r n i n t he Desig n Dist r ict , a neighborhood t hat ha s elevated M ia m i's status in the international art world. And thanks to the dedication of its business patrons, the district is a bea- con for design and fashion lovers from across the globe. Says Robins, "Collectively, it is a wonderful place that celebrates art, architecture, and design." 4 Brickell The evolution of Brickell from tony Miami suburb to supercit y happened seemingly over night , w it h st ate - ment-making luxury high-rises and hotels and a true urban core springing up alongside the neighborhood's "M illiona ires' Row" of water f ront ma nsions in less than half a century. W hen Hong Kong – based Sw ire Proper t ies came to the city in 1979 and purchased Brickell Key, it was a barren island. Today, it's a model of architectural elegance, with stately columns and tall, thin windows on it s most ly wh ite resident ia l bu i ld i ng s, match i ng of f ice st r uct u res, a nd t he g ra nd, moder n Ma nda r i n Oriental hotel. A pioneer in innovative city develop- ment, Swire went against the grain and surrounded the island with a public walkway instead of pushing build- ings right up to the water. " We went a g a i nst ver y ex pensive adv ice, but bei ng pa r t of t he Br ickel l com mu n it y wa s ver y important," says Stephen Owens, president of Swire Properties, about the mile-long path that's frequented by joggers, parents pushing strollers, and locals soaking in the view. "It was perhaps the most relevant decision we made with Brickell Key. Today it's very fashionable and everyone is trying to do it, which is a good thing." As the neighborhood grew, designers continued to focus on the water and the best ways to allow residents to enjoy it. According to Bernardo Fort-Brescia, a found- ing principal of the architectural firm Arquitectonica, each residential tower his company designs revolves around the outdoors. "The outdoors is our lifestyle here," he says, noting that a terrace is at the heart of ever y design. "The terrace allows you to sculpt the building, give it life, catch the sun, and create the shadow." T he g reat Br ickell ter races "br ing t he cit y a live in ter ms of what you feel when you're wa lk ing down Brickell Avenue," Fort-Brescia adds. And as the M ia m i l i fest yle becomes i ncrea si ngly u rba n, wa l k- i ng Br ickel l is t u r n i ng i nto a popu la r act iv it y, w it h "What we're doing is injecting the city with a life and art that's accessible to everybody. It all indicates Miami as being a real cultural center." — patricia hanna

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