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m a i s o n - o b j e t. c o m 57 The key to developing an export busi- ness is the readiness and drive of a company's CEO or senior management, according to Isabelle Hernio, direc- tor of Groupement des Exportateurs de Meubles (GEM). This organization, along with the VIA (created to promote young designers in France), helps French companies develop strategies for exporting their products. GEM participates in international trade shows like MAIsOn&ObjET AsIA and MAIsOn&ObjET AMErICAs, for example, and negotiates with their organizers to get the best locations and lowest prices. It also introduces companies to local business leaders in order to guide them toward the eco- nomic levers they need to be profitable in various markets. In 2016, GEM is showcasing the following five French companies at MAIsOn&ObjET in Asia and the Americas. 1. With its refined outdoor furniture, Sifas captures the eternal feeling of summer. built to withstand the elements, its pieces are durable and eco-friendly, catering to discriminating customers worldwide. 2. Working with an array of designers from all over the world, Fermob specializes in outdoor fur- niture made with metal and powder paints. 3. serving a wide range of tastes, Gautier has provided original, custom-made furniture solutions for interiors for more than 50 years. It has also created jobs in the Vendée region of western France. 4. Objet de Curiosité offers unique furniture, surprising decora- tive pieces, and uncommon natural objects. The company works with local craftsmen to produce items tailor- made for its customers in almost 60 countries. 5. Celebrating the past in style, Henryot & Cie produces a stun- ning array of classic chairs, handcrafted with intricate detail to suit any interior. mount a in v illage in sout hwester n Fra nce— embodies t r ue a r t isa na l craftsmanship. Each knife is assembled from start to finish by a sin- gle cra f t sma n a nd i nd iv idua l ly ha rdened a nd decorated by ha nd. Depending on the size of the knife, its production can take anywhere f rom 10 9 to 216 steps. T he bee decorat i ng t he spr i ng plate is bot h functional (for the index finger) and a mark of prest ige—a symbol of France's most celebrated knife. Tane (mexico) For more t ha n ha lf a centur y, Ta ne has been sy nony mous w it h lux- ur y a nd qua lit y. Wit h a sing ula r passion for silver, t he compa ny has forged it s way into ot her product s, including g raphic silks a nd luxe cashmere accessories. The name Tane comes from the French word for saddlery (tannerie); the brand began selling leather goods in the 1940s before expanding into silver and jewelr y. Tane honors the legacy of Mexican craftsmanship and t radition to create pieces of distinction and character. To experience its products is to embrace the customs and culture of local craft fused with innovative and modern desig n. Warp & WefT (Usa) Founded in New York Cit y in 20 01 by Michael Ma ndapat i, Wa r p & Weft offers a superb, high-end collection of antique and modern rugs, with a focus on fundamental and essential design. Because the overall look of a space evolves from the matrix provided by the rug, uniting details of the décor, Warp & Weft experts assist clients in finding the one rug that effortlessly combines form, color, and texture to realize the full potential of a space. n Silver Belle: Tane's Atlas plates are carved from local timber and feature marquetry-style silver inlay, for a striking contrast between two highly prized natural materials. From Fr ance, W ith Lov e GEM Presents Sifas, Fermob, Gautier, Objet de Curiosité, and Henryot & Cie photography courtesy of tane

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